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Global Logistics Leader Doubles Productivity with PFlow Lifts

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Global Logistics Leader Doubles Productivity with PFlow Lifts

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The success of the global logistics industry relies heavily on the efficiency and reliability of their operations. So when a major player in the sector was investigating options for its new distribution center, the company sought the expertise of PFlow Industries. PFlow custom-engineered 20 F Series, 4-post mechanical lifts to optimize workflow and precisely meet the company’s needs.

vertical lift for logisticsThe Challenge

After carefully analyzing the material movement process in their distribution centers abroad, they made the decision to explore new options for the transportation of air cargo crates within the enhanced facility.

In other locations, containers of mixed product are placed on a floor conveyor where they are accessed by workers via a walkway. In order to reach the upper portion of the crates, workers needed to use stools and, in some cases, resorted to climbing over packages.

With an expanded distribution center and hundreds of crates delivered daily, this archaic method was no longer acceptable. They were looking for a safer, more ergonomic means to haul product crates up to a mezzanine where they could be unloaded while maintaining the efficiency that is crucial to the logistics industry.

With new, state-of-the-art sorting capabilities designed to accommodate larger shipments, they chose to implement multiple, high capacity VRCs that delivered reliability and maximized handler productivity.

The PFlow Solution

Operating one of the most comprehensive express networks in the world, they chose to partner with PFlow for their reputation of delivering limitless material lifting solutions. PFlow’s tailored approach to solving the company’s material lifting challenge has re-vamped operations while proving to be safer and more efficient.

Together, they determined that 20 similar F Series, 4-post VRCs seamlessly integrated into their package handling process would create the optimal workflow. Once the cargo containers are unloaded from arriving aircraft, they are placed on a conveyor that carries them to one of the 15,000 lb. capacity lifts.

The lifts also feature an alternate loading option at the lower level giving them the flexibility to load crates via lift trucks opposite the conveyor side. Within 45 seconds, the container is elevated to the upper-level platform area for unpacking. From that point, the user-controlled interface allows the handler to manually adjust the lift height so crates can be accessed and unloaded ergonomically. Once emptied, the crate is lowered and discharged – ready for another cycle.

This innovative method, new to both the company and express industry, has substantially increased efficiency – leading to doubled productivity.

“PFlow worked closely with their project management team to develop a material lifting solution that was able to cut the unloading time in half. We are proud to have provided a system component that has significantly impacted their operations and, more important, their bottom line.”

– Chuck Cobb, PFlow Industries