Freight Lifts

PFlow freight lifts offer enhanced productivity, improved safety, and substantial cost savings over a traditional elevator. Also known as VRCs or commercial cargo lifts, they allow for the efficient transport of heavy materials and cargo from level to level.

PFlow is the industry leader in freight lifts. As the VRC industry founder, our in-house engineering and technical support teams continue to innovate and improve upon our patented products.

Whether you need to move small packages or extremely large loads, we can design a freight lift that meets your needs.



PFlow freight lifts come with many safety features, including our optional, patented DeckLock safety system.



A freight lift from PFlow offers substantial cost, labor, and maintenance savings compared to an elevator or manual labor.
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Our Engineering team will work with you to customize your freight lift to suit your exact requirements and operating environment.

Find the Perfect Freight Lift

Freight lifts from PFlow improve efficiency, enable safe working conditions, protect materials during movement, and offer substantial time savings over moving freight via forklifts or manual labor. PFlow can custom-build a solution to solve any freight lifting need, no matter how tough the challenge. Use our configurator to find the perfect lift for your application, and then we’ll design it to meet your lifting needs.

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Why PFlow?

Along with taking the lead on state codes relating to material lifts, PFlow Industries is the leader in research and development, resulting in numerous patents for commercial cargo lifts and related products.

Our engineering team is the largest in the industry. PFlow continues to create breakthroughs in vertical lift performance and safety through a culture focused on innovation.

Since our founding, we have built more than 20,000 VRCs with installations throughout the world – many for very unique applications.

“We had the pleasure of working alongside PFlow Industries at the PROMAT 2019 show in Chicago. Chuck Cobb and his team are a devoted group of professionals dedicated to their craft! We look forward to working with them for years to come!”

– Rebecca S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Freight lifts (VRCs) are regulated differently from elevators designed to move people and follow their own set of codes (ASME B20.1). As VRCs move materials and not people, they can be installed in locations where it is not legal to install an elevator and, VRCs are less costly to operate and maintain than a freight elevator.

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Keeping your freight lift in top operating condition requires daily visual lift inspections to ensure everything is properly working. You’ll also need to schedule regular maintenance at least once a year to maximize performance and ensure a safe operating environment.

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PFlow freight elevators can move as little as 10 lbs or as much as 200,000 lbs. There are many options and configurations available depending on the type, size, and weight of loads that you need to move.