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Box Lift - PFlow B Series
PFlow B Series Box and Package Lift

Box Lift – B Series


The B Series box lift from PFlow Industries is ideal for automatically moving boxes, totes, cartons, barrels, sacks, cases and individual parts from one level to another – often to a mezzanine.

B Series vertical reciprocating conveyors are designed for loads up to 500 pounds. That can be box loads or other materials.

The box lift have a standard carriage size of 3’ x 3′ and a standard 3′ load height.

These box lifts can serve a vertical rise is up to 14′ 9” – 30” above the floor loading position, and reach two levels.

The design of the B Series box lift allows loading and unloading from one of three sides at each level. It is completely self-contained and self-supporting.

Advanced, built-in safety features protect workers and loads. The B Series box lift is far more efficient and safe than using a fork lift to raise and lower loads.

B Series Box Lift Overview

  • Conforms to ASME B20.1 Safety Standards
  • Lifts loads up to 500 lbs. in two-level applications
  • Carriage size is 3’x3′
  • Vertical rise to 14’9″ 30″ above floor loading position
  • Standard travel speed is 30 feet per minute
  • Unlimited, continuous cycles
  • Indoor use only
  • Loading and unloading from one of three sides at each level.
  • Mechanical motor/gear reducer located at the base of the unit for ease of maintenance.
  • Unit ships in modular sections pre-wired with “quick-connect” wiring.
    Integral access gates are provided at each level and interlocked with lift operation.
  • Modular gates can be configured to hinge right and lock left or vice versa.
  • Durable, high-quality construction ensures reliable long-term performance.
  • Advanced safety features protect workers and materials.