Material Handling Lifts

PFlow material handling lifts provide a safe, reliable, and efficient way to move boxes, pallets, and other materials from floor to floor.
Engineered with high-quality components and backed by our decades of experience, PFlow lifts ensure long-lasting performance and deliver an impressive return on investment.

From the DB Series, which can quickly move loads of up to 100 lbs, to the unlimited weight capacity of the F Series, our lifts are designed to streamline material handling processes, reduce labor costs, maximize use of your facility’s footprint, and minimize workplace hazards.

If you require an unlimited number of hourly/daily cycles, consider the M Series 2-Post Mechanical Lift. For applications that don’t require continuous use, the 21 Series 2-Post Hydraulic Lift moves up to 6,000 lbs at a rate of 10 cycles per hour or 100 cycles per day.

material handling lifts

Enhanced Productivity

PFlow lifts streamline workflows by efficiently transporting goods between levels, significantly reducing manual labor requirements while increasing productivity.


Increased Safety

Safety mechanisms like certified safety cams, velocity fuses, and limit switches are among the numerous built-in features included with every PFlow lift.
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Customized to Your Needs

Our experienced team will collaborate closely with you to tailor-design a solution capable of handling the most demanding material moving challenges.

Find the Material Handling Lift

PFlow material lifts boost efficiency while prioritizing the safety of workers and materials. They offer significant time and cost savings compared to labor-intensive methods of transporting goods between floors.

Use our customization tool below to discover the ideal material lift elevator for your application.

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Why Choose PFlow?

PFlow Industries has collaborated extensively with various states over the years to create existing material lift regulations. Decades of substantial investment in research and development have led to multiple material lift and VRC patents.

We boast the industry’s most extensive engineering workforce, which enables us to innovate and pioneer new safety features and breakthroughs.

Over the past few decades, we’ve custom-designed and created over 20,000 material lift elevators and VRCs on a global scale.

“The PFlow VRC is a very important piece of equipment in the Freestone winery, the ideal operational complement for our gravity flow winemaking process.”

– Justin Ennis, Winemaker, JPV Freestone

Frequently Asked Questions

PFlow material handling lifts can move materials ranging from small boxes under 100 lbs to large items weighing over 50,000 lbs and more. Our lifts are ideal for various industries including warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and retail environments, anywhere you need to move materials (and not human beings).

To choose the right material handling lift, consider factors such as load capacity, lift height, lifting speed, load/unload space, and available space in your facility.

Additionally, consider the types of materials you need to transport and any unique requirements specific to your industry.

Regular maintenance is essential for the safe and efficient operation of material-handling lifts. This typically includes routine inspections, lubricating moving parts, and ensuring that all safety features function properly. Actual maintenance requirements will vary depending on the model you select and PFlow provides customers with model-specific preventive maintenance schedules to ensure you have the tools to keep your lift running at peak performance.