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PFlow F Series material lift; vertical lift conveyor systems
mechanical vrc; PFlow F Series Vertical Lift - Priest Rapids

Four-Post Mechanical
Vertical Lifts – F Series


The 4-post F Series of mechanical lifts from PFlow Industries can easily handle loads of up to 50,000 pounds or more, in high-speed, high-cycle environments. Customization is available for heavier loads – we have designed F Series lifts to handle up to 200,000 pounds.

This vertical reciprocating conveyor is ideal for lifting multiple pallets, oversized materials, large carts or heavy machinery between two or more levels — indoors or outdoors. 

The carriage size and vertical rise of the F Series will be built to meet your specific application; there are no limits, but there is a minimum carriage size of 6′ wide by 6’6″ long. The carriage is lifted and lowered by heavy-duty roller chain. 

Advanced safety features are built into each F Series VRC.

  • Conforms to ASME B20.1 Safety Standards
  • Unlimited load capacity
  • Unlimited carriage size
  • Unlimited vertical rise
  • Can be designed to reach multiple levels
  • Standard travel speed is 18 feet per minute
    • Up to 400 FPM can be designed
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Lifetime structural warranty
  • Ideal for high speed, high cycle or automated systems
  • Transports multiple pallets, oversized materials, large carts, and heavy machinery between two or more levels.
  • Carriage is lifted and lowered by roller chain attached to mechanical lifting mechanism on top of 6″ guide columns.
  • Four-post design allows loading and unloading from all four sides with flexible traffic patterns.
  • Quality construction, reliability, and long-term performance.
  • Certified safety cams prevent carriage descent in the event of a chain failure, protecting workers and materials.
  • Optional DeckLock Safety System provides added security at critical upper levels.
  • Optional hot-dipped galvanized or epoxy finish for outdoor or wash-down environments.
  • Explosion proof components available.