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mechanical vrc; PFlow F Series Vertical Lift - Priest Rapids

F Series 4-Post –
Mechanical Vertical Lift


The F Series vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) from PFlow Industries is a 4-post mechanical vertical lift that can easily handle loads of up to 50,000 pounds or more in high-speed, high-cycle environments. Customization is available for heavier loads. PFlow has designed F Series lifts that handle up to 200,000 lbs!

The F Series vertical reciprocating conveyor is ideal for lifting multiple pallets, oversized materials, large carts, or heavy machinery between two or more levels, indoors or outdoors.

Lifted and lowered by heavy-duty roller chains, the F Series VRC, is built to meet your specific application and is virtually limitless. 

F Series 4-Post Lift Overview

  • Standard weight capacity up to 50,000 lbs (customizable to 200,000 lbs)
  • Unlimited carriage size (minimum size of 6’ wide x 6’6” long)
  • Unlimited vertical rise
  • Standard travel speed is 18 feet per minute
  • Unlimited, continuous cycles
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Lifetime structural warranty
  • Conforms to ASME B20.1 Safety Standards

Advanced safety features are built into each F Series VRC

  • Limit switches that shut down the motor and engage the brake when the switch is tripped or power is lost
  • Motor overload protection prevents excessive current draw
  • Chain sensors prevent slack chain from jumping the sprockets
  • Safety cams that prevent unintended carriage descent

Features & Benefits

Product Specifications

Best for

Moving heavy boxes, cargo, and pallets from one level to another. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage.


50,000 lbs (standard), customizable up to 200,000 lbs

Carriage size

Unlimited (minimum carriage size is 6′ wide by 6’ 6″ long)

Travel Speed

The standard travel speed is 18 FPM, with speeds of up to 400 FPM available


Unlimited cycles


Carriage is lifted and lowered by roller chains attached to an electric motor-reducer assembly mounted on the guide columns. Standard units employ 2 HP to 15 HP TEFC brake motors.

Safety Gates

Safety codes (ASME B20.1) require interlocked gates with enclosures on all sides of the lift. Enclosures must be a minimum of 8’ high and reject a ball 2” in diameter.


Standard power requirements are 230/460VAC, 3-phase. Control voltage is
110VAC. Standard control panels and push-button stations are NEMA 12 rated.

Customer Testimonials


“We are extremely happy with the operation of the PFlow lift, and we have been running it with absolutely no problems. We will soon be moving from manufacturing six models to eleven, so it could not have been a better choice for a capital expenditure!”

– Roy Whitaker, Senior Process Engineer, Sea Ray in Palm Coast


“PWD does a lot of work with PFlow on more complex lifts. There are a handful of companies that can do the simpler, low payload, two level lifts. For anything where some real engineering expertise is required the list shrinks considerably. Goree brought us in specifically due to the challenge of designing and installing these lifts.”

– David Willemssen, Precision Warehouse Design

Watch Our F Series in Action

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard preventative maintenance of a lift typically falls within the capabilities of plant maintenance personnel. It generally requires inspecting the lift quarterly and lubricating parts as needed. Read more about F Series preventative maintenance requirements.

We typically send out approval drawings within two to three weeks after receiving an order. We strive to ship a standard lift anywhere from fourteen to sixteen weeks after you return the signed approval drawings to us.