Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor Applications

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs) from PFlow Industries provide your organization with a safe, cost-effective, and durable solution for lifting materials between levels. We integrate many innovative safety features into every VRC we build to ensure the utmost protection of your materials and workforce.

Whether you need to move 10 or 100,000 pounds, our award-winning engineering team will custom-design a lift to meet your needs. Elevate your material-moving operations with a PFlow VRC and experience optimized productivity and seamless workflow integration.

Freight & Pallet Handling

Transport large or small palletized and non-palletized materials with our freight lift and pallet elevator solutions. They’ll bolster productivity, safety, and cost-efficiency for transporting heavy materials between levels. Click to learn more.

Fully Automated Systems

PFlow’s fully automated systems merge horizontal conveyors with VRCs for streamlined multi-level workflows. Custom-designed to your specifications, they range from simple two-level applications to complex multi-level, multi-directional systems with flexible loading/unloading options. Click below to learn more.

Pallet Lifts

Efficiently and safely transport pallets between levels with a pallet lift custom-tailored to your specific needs (load capacity, indoor/outdoor use, etc.).

Innovative safety features, such as check valves, limit switches, and certified safety cams, allow them to meet ASME B20.1 standards. Click below to discover the right lift for your application.

Pflow D Series Pallet Lift
Material Handling Lifts

Material Handling Lifts

PFlow material handling lifts ensure the safe, efficient transport of materials ranging from small boxes to heavy-weight loads. Engineered for productivity and longevity, they streamline processes, cut labor costs, and optimize facility space. Click below to discover the perfect lift for your material moving needs.

Mezzanine Lifts

Efficiently transport various materials to upper levels with our mezzanine lifts. A user-friendly interface and a wealth of safety features improve productivity while decreasing the risk of accidents. The compact design and small footprint make them ideal for installation in space-constrained areas. Click below to learn more.
mezzanine lifts are a safe way to transport materials from one level to another

Package Handling Lifts

PFlow package handling lifts excel in transporting lighter loads up to 100 lbs between floors or conveyor levels. The 3’ x 3’ carriage ensures easy and safe loading from three sides. With a standard speed of 60 FPM and customizable options reaching 400 FPM, it’s the go-to lift for high-speed applications. Click to learn more.

Pick Module Replenishment

Our custom-designed VRCs significantly enhance the efficiency and performance of your pick module system. Whether integrating into a new warehouse or pairing with existing modules and Autonomous Mobile Robots, our versatile VRCs are cost-effective solutions for optimizing labor efficiency and pick module replenishment. Click to learn more.

Why PFlow?

Along with taking the lead on state codes relating to material lifts, PFlow Industries is the leader in research and development, resulting in numerous patents for material lifts and related products.

Our engineering team is the largest in the industry. With a culture focused on innovation, PFlow continues to create breakthroughs in vertical lift performance and safety.

Since our founding, we have built and installed over 20,000 VRCs worldwide – including many unique and highly customized applications.


“We had the pleasure of working alongside PFlow Industries at the PROMAT 2019 show in Chicago. Chuck Cobb and his team are a devoted group of professionals dedicated to their craft! We look forward to working with them for years to come!”

– Rebecca S.