Arts, Culture, & Entertainment

A vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) provides arts, culture, and entertainment venues with the ability to safely and efficiently move freight and materials from one floor to another. A VRC allows you to safely and easily access and utilize floor space on multiple floor levels.

Zoos, museums, and concert halls often need to lift and lower heavy and/or fragile materials with care. Unlike other lifting means such as forklifts or scissor lifts, a VRC’s enclosed carriage structure eliminates the risk of materials falling as they are lifted, keeping workers and materials safe.

As the VRC industry founder and key author of VRC state and federal codes, PFlow continues to innovate with new safety, reliability and efficiency features that lead the market. Because each PFlow VRC is engineered and manufactured to meet your specific lifting needs, our VRCs are the perfect solution for optimizing material movement within your organization.

Vertical reciprocating conveyor loaded with art materials.

Features & Options of PFlow Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

PFlow designs each VRC to meet your specific lifting requirements. We have designed and manufactured VRCs for a variety of arts and entertainment venues, including those for lifting and lowering beer kegs at an NFL stadium, moving the world’s largest bass drum for a collegiate football team, and for vertically transporting large props, machinery, and furniture for an historic theater.

We offer the following features and options for our VRCs:

Safety Gates—Improve safety with a sliding, swing, or vertical acting safety gate.

Safety Cams & Velocity Fuses—We include safety cams as a standard feature on all PFlow mechanical VRCs (preventing the carriage from dropping if the chain should break) and hydraulic line velocity fuses on all PFlow hydraulic VRCs (which regulates the flow in and out of the cylinders).

Flexible Installation—We can install your VRC on the side of a structure or building, reuse an existing elevator shaft, or through the floor.

Lifting Mechanism—The mechanism that raises or lowers the carriage can be hydraulic or mechanical. Hydraulic systems are good for light use, while mechanical ones are optimal for lifts in continuous motion.

Benefits of Installing a PFlow Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor

✔ Significant cost savings over an elevator for installation, operation, and maintenance 

✔ Safer and quicker than a forklift or fork truck

✔ No certification required for VRC operators

✔ Complete customization to serve your needs 

✔ No need for additional structures—you can use your existing building or structure

Arts, Culture, & Entertainment VRC Applications

A VRC offers a safe and efficient way of moving materials up or down floors. Common uses in arts, culture, & entertainment include:

  • Moving pallets from one level of a stadium to another
  • Moving heavy or awkward sized objects between levels
  • Lowering priceless antiquities and artifacts for safe storage underground
  • Lifting heavy objects and props to a theater stage

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor FAQs

No. Various state and safety regulations prohibit human passengers from riding in a VRC.

Our “F” Series VRCs can handle up to 200,000lbs or more.

An interlock is a safety feature that prevents the gate from opening unless the lift is physically present at that level. It also prevents the VRC from running if the gate is opened.

Arts, Culture, & Entertainment VRC Testimonials


One of the critical challenges unique to this application was bracing and stabilizing the system to allow it to operate properly for years to come without obstructing the view of the game and being an aesthetic eyesore. PFlow’s engineers developed a way to minimize bracing to the stadium structure by containing a majority of the bracing within the lift structure itself.

– Jason Eitreim, Cisco-Eagle


The PFlow VRC is a very important piece of equipment in the Freestone winery, the ideal operational complement for our gravity flow winemaking process.

– Justin Ennis, Winemaker, JPV Freestone

Ready to Improve Efficiency and Safety?

If you’re looking for a safer and more efficient way of moving materials in your arts, culture, or entertainment venue, give us a call. One of our expert engineers will work closely with you to provide a solution for your challenges. Call us in Milwaukee at 414-352-9000, or use our Quick Contact Form.