Pallet Lifts

PFlow pallet lifts offer an efficient way to safely move pallets from one level to another. Each pallet lift is designed for your specific lifting application’s needs (indoor/outdoor use, carriage size, load capacity, vertical rise, cycle rate).

Alternatively known as vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs), PFlow pallet lifts have multiple safety features and conform to ASME B20.1 Safety Standards. As the VRC industry leader, deliver safe and durable pallet lifts to solve your most challenging material moving needs.

Consider the mechanical M Series 2-Post Pallet Lift if you need an unlimited hourly/daily cycle capacity. For two-level lifting applications that don’t require continuous cycle capability, the D Series Hydraulic Pallet Lift will allow you to move up to 3,000 lbs at a rate of 10 cycles per hour or, 100 cycles per day.

Pflow D Series Pallet Lift

Enhanced Safety Features

Limit switches, certified safety cams, and velocity fuses are just a few of the many standard safety features on every PFlow Pallet Lift.

Increased Productivity

Incorporating a PFlow pallet lift into your operations offers significant cost and maintenance savings over traditional manual labor or a fleet of forklifts.
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Custom-Tailored to Your Needs

We will work closely with you to custom-design a pallet lift to meet your toughest freight and material lifting needs.

Find the Perfect Pallet Lift

PFlow pallet lifts improve productivity while ensuring the safety of your workers and goods. Incorporating a PFlow pallet lift into your operations will save you tremendous time and money versus using forklifts, scissor lifts, or freight elevators to move cargo and freight from floor to floor.

The engineers at PFlow will custom-design a solution to solve your pallet lifting needs in any environment. Use our configurator below to find the right lift for your application.

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Why PFlow?

Along with taking the lead on helping to create the existing state codes relating to pallet lifts, PFlow is invested heavily in research and development and holds numerous pallet lift and VRC patents.

We have the largest engineering team in the industry, which allows us to innovate and develop new features and safety breakthroughs. Since our inception, we’ve custom-designed over 20,000 pallet lifts and VRCs worldwide.

“PFlow makes great equipment; I have been doing this for 30 years, installing material lifts, elevators and dumb waiters, and in my opinion PFlow is the top quality of equipment out there.”
– Kevin Mannes, Managing Partner, Florida Lifts

Frequently Asked Questions

Our D series lifts have a standard travel speed of 17 feet per minute, and we can design them to reach speeds of up to 25 feet per minute. The M Series lifts offer a standard travel speed of 25 feet per minute, and we can design them to reach speeds of up to 400 feet per minute.
We can design the D Series to lift as much as 3,000 lbs, and the M Series to move as much as 10,000 lbs.

The D Series lifts can reach heights of up to 15’ while the M Series lifts have an unlimited lift height.