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Safety Features Are Integral to PFlow Lifts

No One Devotes More to Safety-Related Research and Testing Than PFlow

PFlow Industries takes safety seriously. Our vertical reciprocating conveyors ensure safe material handling in factories, warehouses, industrial plants, or anywhere that goods need to be moved from one level to another.

PFlow Industries believes that one of the most important benefits our material lifts bring to the industry is a level of safety that cannot be achieved with alternatives, such as forklifts. Utilizing a forklift to move heavy loads vertically creates a situation where even the smallest mistake becomes a large hazard. If a load is improperly secured, not raised to the correct level, or too heavy, it is an immense risk to workers and materials. These hazards, as well as the multitude of concerns generated by driving a forklift with a large load through busy and pedestrian-heavy working areas, are minimized through use of vertical reciprocating conveyors.

Our commitment to lift safety has resulted in a stronger research and development (R&D) program and more rigorous testing than any other VRC manufacturer. Each PFlow lift is designed from the ground up with a variety of safety features designed to protect workers, materials, and machines.

We continually invest in research and development, which leads to superior technology and innovative safety features in all our products.

Among those features are certified safety cams, the optional DeckLock System, and optional maintenance pins used when performing service on a VRC.

Contact a PFlow VRC expert for more information on the safety features for material lifts.