Transportation and Infrastructure

A vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) provides the transportation and infrastructure industry with a safe way to move heavy equipment and materials to and from different floor levels. 

Infrastructure and transportation systems often require moving heavy objects between building or construction levels. Using manual labor or a forklift to lift materials puts people and equipment in harm’s way. Because of its enclosed carriage framework, PFlow VRCs prevent materials from falling and injuring workers or damaging machinery.

A VRC from PFlow Industries can lift virtually unlimited weight and is custom-built to your application. As the VRC industry leader, we have the knowledge and experience to help you solve your toughest material lifting challenges with cost-effective solutions.

A PFlow vertical reciprocating conveyor being used alongside a bus

Features & Options of PFlow Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

PFlow manufactures hydraulic and mechanical VRCs that are customized to your specific application. No matter your lifting requirements ,

PFlow can engineer a solution for you. We have decades of experience in delivering VRC solutions for car dealerships, government buildings, major infrastructure construction projects, and industrial plants.

We offer the following features and options for our VRCs:

  • Safety Features – Safety gates, enclosures, safety cams, and deck locks will help ensure freight and worker safety.
  • Variety of Finishes – PFlow offers a variety of finishes for your VRC (painted, epoxy, galvanized or stainless steel) to stand up to the rigors of your application.
  • Made in the U.S.A. – We proudly manufacture our VRCs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Weight Capacity – We can design your custom VRC with a weight capacity of anywhere from 10 lbs to 200,000 lbs or more!
  • Versatility of Placement – Because PFlow VRCs are designed for your specific application, they can be engineered to fit virtually anywhere indoors or outdoors –  in tight spaces, in an old elevator shaft, through a floor or next to a balcony or mezzanine.

Benefits of Installing a PFlow Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor

✔ Ideal for maximizing use of your existing space

✔ Flexible installation—install on the side of a building, inside existing elevator shafts, or through the floor

✔ More cost-effective to install, operate, and maintain than an elevator

✔ Reduce human fatigue and improve safety

Transportation and Infrastructure VRC Applications

A VRC will help your building maximize floor space while improving efficiencies. Common transportation and infrastructure applications include:

  • Moving hazardous freight
  • Lifting vehicles from one floor to another
  • Solving public or private parking challenges
  • Moving construction supplies for large infrastructure projects

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor FAQs

OSHA, ANSI, ASME, and other regulatory agencies require the usage of safety gates anywhere a human being can come into contact with the VRC.

All of our VRCs come with the necessary electrical components to operate the lift. Dead-man or constant pressure controls are available.

We typically ship via a common carrier. Major components include parts crate, carriage, guide columns, control panel, and drive base.

Make Better Use of Your Space and Improve Efficiency

If you’re looking for a safer and more efficient way to move vehicles and freight from floor to floor, give us a call. One of our expert engineers will sit down with you to find the ideal solution for your challenges. Call us in Milwaukee at 414-352-9000, or use our Quick Contact Form.