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Request a Quote from PFlow Industries

The vertical material handling lift experts at PFlow Industries will be happy to provide a quote for a vertical reciprocating conveyor that is customized to your application, or for parts or service. Use the following quick contact form with as much detail as possible.

8 Questions to Define
Your Vertical Lift Needs

Answering the following 8 questions will help us estimate the most appropriate lift for your material handling application.

  1. How high do materials need to be lifted?
  2. How often do materials need to be lifted?
  3. How heavy are the items that need to be lifted?
  4. How big are the materials being lifted?
  5. How are materials now being moved?
  6. What is the loading pattern?
  7. Do you need gates and enclosures on the lift?
  8. Will the lift be going through a floor opening?

Our lifts are only intended for materials. They may not be used to transport people.

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