Government, Military & Defense

Whether you’re moving documents between floors, transporting missiles into test chambers, or lowering tools into a Naval dry dock, a vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) helps do it faster and safer. As VRCs are intended to only move materials and not people, they are typically less expensive to install and maintain than elevators. Due to the fact that VRCs are not elevators and follow their own national code (ASME B20.1), they can be installed virtually anywhere – indoors, outdoors, in an unused elevator shaft, through floor levels, and more.

Government, military, and defense industry applications for VRCs range from utilizing otherwise inaccessible storage areas to supporting naval repair and refit operations, to moving sensitive weaponry. PFlow’s hydraulic VRCs are perfect for 2-level lifting while our mechanical VRCs are ideal for lifting materials of almost any size, shape and weight to unlimited floor levels.

As the VRC industry founder, PFlow’s industry expertise and engineering capabilities are unrivaled. If it requires lifting, PFlow will create a solution, no matter how specialized the application.

government facility uses a hydraulic vertical reciprocating conveyor to work in tight spaces

Benefits of PFlow Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

There are other ways to move pallets, carts, and equipment between floors, but none match the power and handling of a VRC. The benefits include:

✔ Faster than using cranes, scissor lifts or fork trucks
✔ Keeps materials contained within the enclosed carriage framework
✔ Mechanical lifts feature chain over sprocket design that ensures smooth travel and bounce-free stops to
      protect sensitive/fragile materials
✔ Ability to be installed in spaces prohibited for use by elevators
✔ Access to space that would otherwise go unused

Government, Military & Defense VRC Applications

If you need an efficient, safe and reliable means of moving materials vertically, a VRC is the perfect choice.

PFlow Industries VRCs are designed and built for your specific lifting needs. Whether you need to move documents to an otherwise inaccessible storage area, access a mezzanine area, or transport complex assemblies from a build area to a testing area, PFlow’s engineering team excels in developing unique solutions for simple or complex applications.

Read how a VRC helped a Government Service Facility repurpose an old building and regenerate a neighborhood in decline.

FAQs About Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

Vertical rise, frequency of use and weight to be moved are the major factors. You can learn more about these and the many other aspects to consider by reading, How to Select the Right Material Lift for Your Application.

For moving only materials – yes. However, VRCs are subject to different regulations than elevators and cannot be used for moving people. This is what simplifies the installation and certification requirements.

VRCs must conform to ASME B20.1, “Safety Standards for Conveyors”. Code requirements vary by state but wherever you are in the USA we guarantee code compliance.

Customer Testimonials

“The lift was installed and fully tested in only three days. We prefer to work with PFlow because they are the industry leader and there are never any surprises when the lift components arrive on site.”
– PJ Laviola, General Manager for Special Applications, Delaware Elevator

Ready To Improve Handling Between Floors in Government, Military, and Defense Operations?

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