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DB Series – Package Handling Lift

DB Series Box Lift

The PFlow DB Series continuous vertical lift is ideal for moving lighter loads between floors or conveyor levels.

PFlow industrial box lifts can move up to 100 lbs and have a standard carriage size of 3’ x 3’. The DB Series lift can be loaded and unload from three sides.

With a standard travel speed of 60 feet per minute, DB Series industrial lifts are ideal for high-speed applications. We can also custom-design a solution to offer speeds up to 400 FPM.

The DB Series material-handling industrial lift is entirely self-contained and self-supporting. When used with a conveyor system, it uses far less space than inclined conveyors.

  • Lifts loads of up to 100 lbs
  • Standard carriage size is 3’x3′
  • Standard travel speed is 60 FPM
  • Up to 400 FPM available
  • Unlimited cycles, continuous use
  • Indoor use only
  • Lifetime structural warranty
  • Conforms to ASME B20.1 Safety Standards

For heavier package industrial box lifting, see our B Series box lift with a capacity of 500 pounds.

Features & Benefits

Vertical Lift Safety

The internal PFlow R&D department is committed to continuous improvement and rigorous research and testing, to ensure the safety and efficiency of our material lifts. The result is a highly durable industrial package handling lift designed with many safety features to protect workers and materials.

Product Specifications

Best for
Transporting loads to mezzanines, between floors, or between conveyor levels. Ideal for high-speed industrial material handling applications that require lifting boxes, cartons, packages, totes, containers, or cases.
Lift loads of up to 100 lbs
Carriage Size
The standard carriage size is 3’x3’
Travel Speed
Standard travel speed is 60FPM, with speeds of up to 400 FPM available
Unlimited cycles and continuous use
Drive Options
High-speed variable frequency or Servo drive options
Safety Gates
Standard material handling units include integral, full-height enclosures on all sides made of 1/2″ expanded metal
Standard power requirements are 230V/460V, 3-phase. Control voltage is 110VAC.

Watch Our DB Series in Action

Why Choose PFlow?

At PFlow, we back up our products with top-notch customer service, and we embrace the concept of “service after the sale” to ensure that you’re never alone in keeping your PFlow lift running optimally.

We offer a wide range of services, including pre-installation planning, installation, start-up services and troubleshooting. Our highly knowledgeable engineers, field service team, and customer service reps are always ready to provide expert help. Get in touch with us below to learn how we can solve your toughest material-moving challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We helped develop the various state and federal regulatory codes for conveyors. All of our VRC lifts comply with local, state, and federal regulations and meet ASME B20.1 code standards.
At PFlow, we incorporate many safety features into our package handling lifts. A limit switch controls carriage travel, automatically shuts the motor off, and mechanically applies the actuated brake when power is lost or the switch is tripped.