Energy & Power Plants

Power plants are typically constructed as multiple level facilities. Invariably, there is a need for raising and lowering materials, tools, consumables, and equipment to multiple levels of the facility. A vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) provides a safe and efficient way to do so.

VRCs have their own code requirements which, unlike elevators, allow them to be installed almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors. VRCs can also lift material loads up to 200,000 lbs and lift to heights that fork trucks and scissor lifts cannot. 

As the VRC industry founder in 1977, PFlow Industries has the knowledge and expertise to create a lifting solution for your specific application.

power and energy plant uses vertical reciprocating conveyor to move equipment and materials between levels

Benefits of PFlow Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

Whether you need to lift 10 lbs or 200,000 lbs, PFlow VRCs are designed and built specifically for your lifting needs, based on criteria such as the size and weight of the materials being lifted, the vertical travel distance, and the number of lift cycles (travel up and down) the lift needs to complete per hour/per day.

PFlow VRCs are made in the USA and are known for their reliable performance. The advantages of our VRCs over other lifting methods include:

✔ Enclosed carriage structure prevents materials from falling when being lifted and lowered

✔ Less costly to install, operate, and maintain than elevators

✔ Easy push button operation

✔ Advanced safety features that protect workers and materials

Energy VRC Applications

VRCs are intended for moving materials and equipment between levels. Typical energy sector applications include:

  • Lifting spare parts to a mezzanine level for storage
  • Lifting and lowering supplies from oil rig helipads to rig living quarters
  • Moving tools and equipment to higher levels for scheduled maintenance work

Read how a PFlow lift integrates perfectly with a 10-story power plant tower.

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor FAQs

PFlow VRCs conform to the ASME B20.1 safety standard for conveyors and we guarantee B20.1 code approval. We offer a variety of safety features, from gates, guards, interlocks, deck locks, and safety cams that come standard and/or can be included as optional equipment. These features ensure safe machine loading, unloading and overall operation.

Absolutely. We’ve built lifts that carry over 100,000 pounds. Use our VRC configuration tool to determine which model will meet your needs.

In general, hydraulic VRCs are intended for lifting loads 6,000 lbs or less to a second level and they have limited cycle use per hour/per day.  Mechanical VRCs are perfect for high-cycle, high-capacity applications and those that require lifting material loads over 6,000 lbs to multiple floor levels.

Want To Improve Movement Between Levels in Energy & Power Plants?

PFlow’s experience and expertise span an incredibly diverse spectrum of industries, including those in the energy sector. Our experts can advise on the best type of VRC for your needs and will be pleased to prepare a free quote. Call us in Milwaukee at 414-352-9000, or use our Quick Contact Form.