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A Sugary Sweet Lifting Solution for Peeps & Company Retail Store

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A Sugary Sweet Lifting Solution for Peeps & Company Retail Store

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Marshmallow PEEPs®, a product of Just Born, Inc., have been a popular novelty treat for many years.

When the company opened their Peeps & Company retail store at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., they needed a safe and efficient means of moving materials between two levels.

They found the best solution to be a D Series Hydraulic lift by PFlow Industries.

The Challenge

The 2,500 sq. ft. store, situated adjacent to the mall’s amusement park, offers shoppers an energy-filled atmosphere complete with candy, apparel, accessories and gifts.

Bloomington, Minnesota
Peeps Outlet at Mall of America

  • D Series Hydraulic Lift
  • Lifts Loads up to 1,000 lbs
  • 12’ Vertical Rise
  • 2 Levels of Vertical Rise
  • 17 FPM Travel speed

vertical material lift at Peeps facilityThese items need to be continually stocked in order to meet the demands of the high-traffic location, making efficiency a primary concern. The lift needed to provide a quick means for storage and retrieval given the fast-paced retail environment.

Given the space constraints of the facility, there were few viable options to transport merchandise from the lower level where product was received to the second floor storage space. Without a through-floor lift, employees would have to manually haul merchandise up and down the stairs, a potentially severe safety hazard. The company was also looking for an economical solution that would provide a low cost of ownership and not put a significant dent in the bottom line.

The PFlow Solution

PFlow worked alongside Minnesota-based material handling experts, the Pugleasa Company, to determine the best solution for Peeps & Company and knew the D Series Hydraulic VRC would make perfect sense.

Because employee and product safety were crucial, the company knew that continuously bringing merchandise manually up and down stairs was not feasible. With its 1,000 lb. capacity, large amounts of product can be moved at once, eliminating the need for multiple trips. The potential for injury and damaged product are significantly reduced.

Creating efficient access to the storage area was also a priority. The 4’ 0” L x 4’ 0” W x 7’ 0” H carriage can be loaded with merchandise and then, at the press of a button, be raised by direct-acting hydraulic cylinders up to the second floor storage area where product is retrieved and stored for future use. The lift enables the store to maintain a sufficient level of stock and reduce weekly shipping requirements. A quick turnaround time for replenishment allows employees to spend more time on the sales floor interacting with customers and less time in the back room.

The D Series delivers years of continuous use with minimal annual maintenance, making it the cost-effective answer Peeps & Company was looking for.

The D Series is suitable for up to 15’ of vertical travel with carriage sizes up to 6’ 0” x 6’ 0” and capacities of 3,000 lbs.

“We see this particular situation quite often and have become experts at quickly determining the most appropriate solution.”

Mark Beggs, Sales Manager, PFlow Industries