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Milwaukee Waterfront Deli and PFlow Deliver

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Milwaukee Waterfront Deli and PFlow Deliver

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Around noon, many people in downtown Milwaukee start to ponder where to grab lunch. One of the locations frequented by many is the Milwaukee Waterfront Deli, situated in a historic two-story building with theatric murals, a gourmet deli display case, and views of one of downtown’s busiest streets.

But like many historic building, challenges arise. The challenge deli owner Jeremiah “Jere” Pandl ran into was that the narrow facility provided minimal space to run its operation and accommodate customers. So he called PFlow Industries.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Downtown Delicatessen

  • Custom Mechanical Pipe Lift
  • 18” Vertical Rise
  • 2 Levels of Vertical Rise

deli sandwich carouselPFlow designed a dual chain mechanical lift, also referred to as the continuous conveyor, a pipe lift or the “deli” lift.

Servers place orders in the individual baskets on the first level, with the push of a button, the basket travels upstairs and customer meals are delivered on the discharge conveyor.

During travel, the dual chains help keep the baskets level.

Not only does the design help conserve space and keep the lunch hour moving smoothly, it also provides a convenience to customers as they walk upstairs.