Vertical Lift Applications

Proven Applications

PFlow vertical lifts transport materials of all shapes, sizes and weights between two or more levels. We've designed lifts to move everything from spark plugs and medical supplies to 110,000 lb. fuel cells and more. Only PFlow offers the most complete line of vertical lifts available on the market today. From mechanical and hydraulic vertical lifts to high-speed, high-throughput lifts (employing Variable Frequency Drive), and customized vertical lifts. We also offer fully automated systems for automated manufacturing and warehousing operations. PFlow delivers single-source responsibility for vertical lift design, fabrication, installation and service support. Whatever the size, speed and vertical height your application demands - we'll help you develop the best solution.

Fully Automated Systems

Fully Automated Systems
  • Paper Plant: High-speed transfer of 9,000 lb rolls of paper in automated system. 4-Post VRC with V shaped carriage to catch rolls of paper. 30 rolls/hr., 24hrs./day.
  • Truck Frame Manufacturer: Power-and-free overhead conveyor system is integral part of assembly line and incorporates a transfer device.
  • Brake Casting Foundry: 30,000 lb capacity. Moving 24,000 lb buckets of scrap metal. 4 Post VRC with horizontal discharge running every 6 minutes, 16 hours / day.
  • Automotive Parts Manufacturer: Automatically moves large parts racks through production. Conveyorized, 8,000 lb high-speed cantilever lift.
  • University Library Archive: 75’ long automated conveyor under buildings to distribution center. Incorporates 2 VRC’s with 75’ roller conveyor.
  • Grocery Distributor: Dual, side-by-side automated systems provide continuous two way flow of pallets between shopping dock and second floor warehouse.
  • Paper Distribution Facility: Series M with infeed and discharge conveyors handles double-stacked boxes of products.
  • Vitamin Manufacturer: Series M Mechanical Lift is integrated into a roller-fed conveyor at multiple levels to transport pallets.

Custom Lifts

Missile Lift Platform
  • Aircraft Manufacturer: Carry special carts holding fragile aircraft wing parts 20’ long. 4-Post VRC with 10’ x 40’ carriage. Asymmetrical bracing with <1” deflection.
  • Fuel Cell Manufacturer: Lift 110,000 lb fuel cell assemblage. Special screw drive lift allows vertical and horizontal transfer of components.
  • Missile Work Platform: Horizontally transport a missile into a test chamber and raise it to diagnostics. Incorporate both horizontal and vertical movement with extreme precision.
  • Stainless Steel Lift: Extreme environmental conditions can challenge design and dictate building materials, including stainless steel.
  • Drydock Lift: Huge VRC replaced large overhead crane and 10 man moving crew in Naval Shipyard.
  • Shopping Cart Conveyor: Transports shopping carts between floor levels running parallel to a passenger escalator or as a stand alone unit.

Vehicle Lifts

Vehicle Lift
  • Vehicle Display System: Vehicles are raised or lowered on individual lift platforms inside a towering outdoor showcase.
  • Single Vehicle: Race car is brought up through-floor to staging area from lower level loading area.
  • Recreation Vehicle: Carriage 60’ x 20’; 200,000 lb capacity. Below grade lift elevates section of driveway and vehicle for underground storage.
  • Robotic Parking Garage: Send and retrieve automobiles at 400 feet per minute. High-speed VRC lift, with special rack retrieval system for high-density structure.
  • Funeral Home: Store and access fleet of hearses from basement. Special, full garage floor-size 4 Post VRC allowing vehicle vertical movement.
  • Motorcycle Dealership: Bikes are transported to five levels of towering outdoor showcase by Series M Lift.


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