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Managing Your Warehouse

Managing Your Warehouse

Tips to Keeping Your Warehouse Productive

Managing your business’s warehouse requires a range of responsibilities in order to run a safe and efficient operation. A productive warehouse is much more than just storing and distributing merchandise.

The key to keeping your warehouse safe and productive is clear communication, organization and putting safety first. Consider the following tips for help managing your warehouse.

Keep it Clean and Organized

Make sure that all walkways and aisles are kept free of garbage and debris. You will also want to ensure that fallen inventory or boxes are not left where people may trip and that exits are clearly marked.

An organized warehouse is the foundation of an efficient and productive business and allows for a consistent flow of inventory. Understanding your warehouse’s routines will give you a better idea of heavy traffic areas and narrow aisles which will help you keep all spaces neat and running smoothly.

  • Keep all areas well lit.
  • Utilize wall space for shelving and hooks.
  • Identify heavy traffic areas and aisles.

Enforce Safety Regulations

Many warehouse injuries are the result of inadequate employee training. Keep all employees up to date on important safety standards in regards to moving and lifting inventory as well as operating warehouse equipment. Also, ensure that employees are aware of potential hazards and trained to respond quickly while still following protocol. Educating your employees on proper safety should be at the top of your list for managing your warehouse

  • Regular safety checks.
  • Clear safety standards.

Communicate Clearly with Employees

Clear communication between you, as a manager, and your employees is important in the dynamic of your warehouse. Without a line of communication potential conflicts and safety issues can lead to serious problems in the future. Consider an open-door policy or an anonymous suggestion box which will give your employees:

  • Regular check-ins.
  • Open-door policy.

Choosing the Best Equipment

Another critical part of a productive and safe warehouse is the implementation of proper equipment. There are many moving parts within a warehouse that require packing, lifting, and conveyor equipment in order to operate at a consistent level.

Choosing the best equipment in the industry can have a hugely positive impact on the operations of your business so consider PFlow lifts and conveyors for an instant improvement to your warehouse.

PFlow Industries has been devoted to the design and manufacture of vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs), material handling equipment, systems, and specials since 1977. Go to PFlow to learn more about the equipment and machinery that could raise the productivity and safety of your warehouse.

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