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How to Improve Safety and Productivity in the Warehouse

How to Improve Safety and Productivity in the Warehouse

Injuries are, unfortunately, common for the employees who work in warehouses. The right machinery can be the difference between efficient warehouse operations and repeated worker injury. Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors are a safe and economical industry alternative that establishes a high safety standard that forklifts cannot achieve. Not only do VRCs put safety first but they keep the productivity level high for your business. Consider the following to understand how VRCs improve safety in the warehouse:

Prevents Manual Lifting Injuries

The nature of warehouse operations means that there are a lot of materials to be moved, stored and moved again. This can create many opportunities for workers so improperly move and lift materials which can lead to common physical injuries including overexertion and back injuries. Not only do these injuries affect individual employees but they can have an overall effect on the productivity of the warehouse. Vertical reciprocating conveyors help to eliminate these repetitive and awkward movements boosting the efficiency of your business.

Versatility & Enclosures

Because of the potential to customize your VRC, you can identify the safety concerns and get a VRC that fits your exact needs. With the possibility of custom enclosures, mats and other systems, the versatility of your machinery is endless. Every aspect of machinery follows strict codes and standards to ensure the safety of the lift and all employees. Each unique addition to your lift will still be built with the these standards in mind to keep it in adherence of code while improving the efficiency of the warehouse.

Critical Features

PFlow machinery and lifts include critical features that improve safety standards above industry requirements. The DeckLock safety system, only found on PFlow machinery, provides additional protection at critical upper levels. This system ensures safe loading and unloading as well as controlled descent in the case of an inadvertent overload or brake malfunction. VRCs are also equipped with safety cams and safety gates which are automatically put into effect in the unlikely event of a malfunction which prevents injury and keeps your warehouse running efficiently.

Proven Results

Vertical reciprocating conveyors put the safety of your employees above all and commit to producing industry leading machinery. Whatever your needs, PFlow has a lift to take your business operations to the next level. PFlow stands behind every lift they built while putting safety first. These safety features are designed to protect workers, materials, and machines. Go to PFlow to learn more about the vertical reciprocating lifts that can improve safety and productivity in your warehouse.