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Fully Automated Conveyor Systems

Fully Automated Conveyor Systems

Fully Automated Conveyor Systems

Vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs) are a safe and efficient way to move materials between two or more levels. Automated conveying systems that include a VRC differ dramatically from horizontal only systems and can significantly increase throughput of your operation.

 Engineered for Your Specific Needs

Custom designed to fit your exact specifications, these fully automated systems can be structured as simple, two-level applications or complex multi-level, multi-directional systems that provide horizontal and vertical movement and offer flexible loading / unloading patterns.

Maximize Profit and Productivity

PFlow’s fully-automated VRC systems feature continuous duty cycle motors that are ideal for high-cycle / high-capacity applications. With a standard travel speed of 25 feet per minute vertical travel (but capable of reaching 400 FPM), PFlow fully-automated VRC systems can accommodate lifting loads up to 10,000 lbs. to an unlimited number of floor levels, making quick, safe and efficient work of material movement.


Our automated system options include:

  • Fully automated PLC system controls
  • Tilt-decks
  • Roll-handling
  • Cart-handling
  • Integration with AMRs


With over 40 years of experience designing fully automated systems that integrate horizontal and vertical components, PFlow has the expertise to create a system to address your unique needs.

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