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Vertical Lift vs Carousel: What’s Right for You?

Are you currently making the most of your warehouse space? Wasted space can actually hinder efficiency and productivity, which, in turn, cuts into your bottom line.

Vertical lifts and vertical carousels are popular devices that can be used to save space and improve warehouse efficiency. But, how do you decide which is right for your warehouse?

Read on to learn the differences between a vertical lift and a vertical carousel to figure out which one will benefit your business the most!

Vertical Carousel

Vertical carousels feature carriers, or shelves, that are supported by chains. These chains rotate vertically in a closed loop to deliver products to an operator. Inventory is moved automatically when parts are retrieved and replenished.

Carousel Benefits

Carousels work best for storing small parts and products. They’re also compact and dense, making them ideal for products that have a fixed shelf height.

Vertical carousels bring products to the retrieval area in just a few seconds. They allow operators to get what they need without any bending, ladder-climbing, or walking long distances. This enhances overall warehouse efficiency.

Vertical Lift

A vertical lift features a series of drawers, or trays, that are picked up and deposited in picking bays. There are two rows of supports that contain the trays, which are transported by an automated elevator to the picking bay.

The elevator moves vertically and presents the tray to the operator.

Lift Benefits

This is a more advanced option that evolved from the carousel in the 1990s.

Many people like the lift because it provides flexibility. You can store products of various heights in these lifts. This makes them ideal for companies that change products by season or other time periods. Operators also don’t have to worry about adjusting the height of the slots or figuring out which slots to store certain products in. The machine does the sorting for them.

Lifts can also be adjusted to fit the height of a warehouse’s ceiling.

Which is More Popular?

Both lifts and carousels do a great job of minimizing wasted space. They also improve efficiency and allow workers to retrieve products more quickly. When it comes to price, lifts and carousels with similar capacities also cost about the same amount. But, lifts are quickly becoming more popular. This is mostly due to their extra features and customization options.

If you produce materials that come in a variety of heights, a lift will probably be the better option. But, a vertical carousel will work well if all your products are the same size.

Start Shopping Today

If you’re looking to invest in a vertical lift, we’re here to help at PFlow Industries.

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