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Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors for Any Material Lifting Need

PFlow Industries designs and manufactures vertical reciprocating conveyors that add efficiency and safety to any material handling lift application. Our mechanical (chain driven) and hydraulic VRCs handle repeated loads from 10 pounds to more than 100,000 pounds.

We have a wide line of vertical lifts, but customize each product for our customers’ specific applications. VRCs are for material handling only and can not be used to transport people.

Read below about our vertical conveyor lift products, or call us at 414-352-9000 to discuss the best solution for your lifting application.

various applications for vertical reciprocating conveyors

PFlow mechanical lifts are the most efficient and safe way to transport large, heavy loads between two or more levels.

These vertical mechanical lifts can easily handle heavy loads, and are ideal for high-speed, high-cycle or automated systems.

Mechanical lifts are an efficient way to handle loads of multiple pallets, oversized materials, large carts or heavy machinery.

We can build a mechanical lift with any carriage size. Customization is available for any application; we have designed lifts that accommodate 200,000 pounds.

Mechanical vertical lifts involve the use of heavy-duty roller chain attached to a mechanical lifting mechanism.

PFlow mechanical lifts — the M Series and the F Series, allow businesses to reclaim previously unused or underused space in their facilities, giving them access to underground areas as well as second-floor areas, and allowing all spaces to be utilized in the production process. The B Series is ideal for efficiently moving boxes and small packages from one conveyor left to another level.

Mechanical lifts from PFlow are available in a variety of flange sizes, and with 360-degree access to allow loading and unloading from wherever is most efficient.

Available with straddle (center posts) or cantilever (side posts) system design, PFlow M and F series mechanical lifts provide a wide range of carriage sizes for efficient versatility.

The standard safety features built into every PFlow mechanical lift help you prevent costly accidents. Dual brakes, dual drives, and a long list of extra safety features are available.

D Series hydraulic lift rendering - PFlow IndustriesHydraulic lifts from PFlow Industries are designed for conveying relatively lighter loads of materials between two levels. They are commonly used in distribution centers, warehouses and production plants that have mezzanines or balconies.

Our D Series hydraulic lift handles loads of 3,000+ pounds, while our 21 Series is designed for loads of 6,000+ pounds. Both are two-post designs, offer great carriage stability, and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Hydraulic lifts offer an affordable, efficient, and nearly maintenance-free option to material handling.

Designed to be the most cost-effective and safest way to move materials up or down one level, PFlow hydraulic vertical lift conveyors are in a class of their own. They are safe and easy to use – activated by a simple push of a button.

PFlow hydraulic lifts are built with wide-flange steel gauge columns and are available as either cantilever (guide posts at the side) or straddle (guide posts in the center), depending on your application.

Units can be protected with steel mesh sides, and hydraulic cylinders, hoses, failsafe velocity fuses, lifting chains and safety cams are all sized for your specific application, ensuring a long and trouble-free working life.

PFlow hydraulic lifts are the safe and affordable alternative to the use of forklifts to lift and lower materials.

PFlow customers rave about their hydraulic lifts’ reliability, problem-free operation, and many years of good performance and service.