PFlow Industries, Inc.
Since 1977, PFlow has been solely devoted to the design and manufacturer of vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRC’s) material handling equipment, systems, and specials. As the VRC pioneer, PFlow has led the industry from the start.
6720 N. Teutonia Avenue Milwaukee, WI, 53209 USA
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B Series Package Handling Box Lift (Dumbwaiter Lift) - PFlow
  • Ideal for lifting boxes, totes, cartons, barrels, sacks, cases, individual parts or miscellaneous items.
  • Transports loads to mezzanines and between floors.
  • Loading and unloading from one of three sides at each level.
  • Mechanical motor/gear reducer located at the base of the unit for ease of maintenance.
  • Unit ships in modular sections pre-wired with “quick-connect” wiring.
  • Integral access gates are provided at each level and interlocked with lift operation.
  • Modular gates can be configured to hinge right and lock left or vice versa.
  • Durable, high-quality construction ensures reliable long-term performance.
  • Built-in, advanced safety features protect workers and materials.

Package Handling Lift – B Series


  • Conforms to ASME B20.1 Safety Standards
  • Lifts loads up to 500 lbs on two level applications
  • Standard carriage size is 3’ x 3’
  • Vertical rise to 15’ 9”. 30” above floor loading position.
  • Standard travel speed of 30 FPM
  • Indoor use only

B Series Video