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How to Have a Successful Warehouse Inspection

Failing your business’s warehouse inspection can mean a big hit to production and employee productivity. It could even mean a complete stop the efficiency of your employees and overall business goals.

For a successful warehouse, inspection follows these key points to a safe and efficient warehouse environment.

Make a Checklist

Start off by compiling a checklist of safety standards in your Warehouse in order to identify all possible hazards that may come up during the inspection.

It is important to acknowledge these potential safety hazards before an inspection arises as it gives you enough time to work through the issues.

Keep these points in mind when creating your checklist:

  • Prepare a mock inspection to cover all potential hazards
  • Create a list of machinery to go over
  • Remember to add all emergency exits 

Review Warehouse Conditions

It will make your life much easier if you proactively review warehouse conditions before an inspection. By reviewing conditions often you can stay up to date on all aspects of your warehouse that could lead to being potentially hazardous to employees. Use these ideas in the review of your warehouse conditions:

  • Walkthrough your warehouse to personally see the condition of all machinery and operations technology
  • Follow your checklist to keep a record of what still needs attention

Complete all Training and Safety Changes

The safety of your employees should be your warehouse’s top concern so keeping up with all pieces of training and safety changes is key. Give yourself and your employees plenty of time to sufficiently finish all pieces of training for your warehouse’s inspection or else you may be caught off guard.

  • Give employees an end date to finish all pieces of training
  • Incentivize employees for committing to pieces of training and overall safety standards

Update Systems, Machinery

A key element of a successful inspection is the consistency of updating all systems and machinery. An out of date piece of machinery can create a huge safety risk for your warehouse employees. There are also less significant updates to keep in mind when preparing for your warehouse inspection which include:

  • Follow the previously made checklist to verify needed updates
  • Give yourself and others ample time to complete all updates prior to inspection

As always, employee safety should be your number one concern in your warehouse. Keeping up with training and various conditions can be difficult to handle leading up to an inspection.

Another step for a successful warehouse is the implementation of PFlow’s reliable and safe lifts and conveyors that could take your business to the next level.

Remember to use these tips in how to have a successful warehouse inspection along with PFlow’s industry-leading machinery.

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