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What Is the Best Package Handling Lift for Your Needs?

What Is the Best Package Handling Lift for Your Needs?

When you work in an industrial building that carries heavy loads and packages, it pays to buy lifts that take the stress out of your work. Buying a package handling lift will help you accomplish this.

Since the materials handling field has more types of lifts than you can imagine, you’ll also be able to find help from a professional that can show you some options. Buying a lift can be a great investment—particularly since close to 40 percent of workplace injuries are to the back and shoulders due to heavy lifting. A top-notch lift will prevent the majority of these injuries and help you conduct more work in less time.

Below we’ll take a look at what you need to know before purchasing one of these lifts.

Assess Your Company’s Package Handling Needs

The first step to finding a great lift is to know the needs of your company. A warehouse that deals with furniture will have different needs than a company that stores electrical equipment. Make sure you understand the inventory that you bring in and out of your building so that you choose the package handling equipment that’ll best serve you.

Since you’re dealing with package lifts, consider buying a model that handles totes, crates, containers, or any other inventory that your business specializes in.

Look into Lift Weight Capacities

Weight capacity is the main specification that you need to consider when buying a lift. These weight capacity limits can range anywhere from a few hundred pounds to several tons.

Make sure that the weight capacity is clearly posted on the machine that you purchase, in order to avoid mishandling. Train your employees in using the lift and encourage them to use it as often as possible. Also, follow OSHA recommendations when it comes to manual lifting limits and frequencies.

Find the Right Lift Type

You need to speak to a few materials handling companies to figure out the type of lift that’ll serve you best.

Since you’re dealing with packages, you’ll typically choose between a dumbwaiter and a standard package lift.

Dumbwaiters are better when you have several floors to send packages up and down. Industrial lifts usually have larger platforms to carry heavier equipment. A quality manufacturer will let you choose between different processes since some are mechanically automated, while others are hydraulic powered.

When purchasing one of these lifts, ask the company about ongoing service plans to keep it running properly. If you understand your package handling needs, it’s much easier for you to choose the proper lift type.

Work with the Right Company

It’s critical that you also find the right materials handling company to sell you the lift that you need.

PFlow Industries have provided package handling lifts to many companies and know we can help you find the lift that’ll improve your company. Our company not only sells top-notch materials lifts, we also provide parts and repair service whenever you need it.

To get the best materials handling equipment, contact us to learn more about our products.

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