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5 Things You Need to Start Oil Drilling

The Basic Equipment Needed for Oil Startups

The oil business is booming across the globe, and it is particularly hot here in the US. For instance, did you know that the United States recently became the largest oil producer in the world?

hoists and lifts for oil drilling sitesAmerica produces nearly 11 billion barrels of oil per day. This outpaces foreign rivals Saudi Arabia and Russia for the crown. In fact, the last time the U.S. ranked number one was in 1973.

With this type of production, it is no surprise that American investors and businessmen want in.

If you’re preparing to launch an oil startup, your company needs the right oil drilling equipment on hand. So, read on to explore five essential items your oil drilling venture will need.

1. Powering Systems

You cannot operate an oil drilling system without power. Typically, primary power is derived from a large diesel engine.

Systems requiring electrical power are served by a generator. Mechanical subsystems, on the other hand, are powered by electric motors. These power systems are installed on the rig, usually at the ground level.

2. Rotary Drilling Equipment

One of the key components of a rig operation is the drill string. The drill string consists of 30-foot pipe sections that extend down into the oil well. Around the drill pipe are thick collars that apply downward pressure on the drill bits.

The rock is actually cut with these powerful bits. And, depending on the rock type and degrees of difficulty, there are many different types of drill bits.

The drill string and bits rotate to cut into the rock. This motion is propelled by a turntable or rotary table powered by electric motors. The rotary motion from the turntable is initiated by a 4- or 6-sided pipe system called a kelly.

3. Circulation System

You need to install a system that circulates mud in the drilling hole and extracts rock cuttings to the surface. This occurs, in part, thanks to a circulation system.

There are many different components that make up this system. First, there is a mud mixing hopper. A pump then sucks the mud from a nearby pit and funnels it into the drilling hole.

The rock extraction process includes a shale shaker and a slide. The shaker separates rock cuttings from the mud. The slide uses a conveyor system to transfer rock cuttings to a reserve pit.

4. Derrick

The drilling apparatus needs a support structure. This is where the derrick comes into play. The derrick is positioned over the drilling hole and extends high into the air. It must be tall to allow new sections of drilling pipe to be added as necessary.

5. Hoisting and Lifting Systems

Oil drilling includes plenty of heavy lifting. Included in any drilling operation is a hoisting system built around a mechanical winch.

The winch features a pulley system, a large steel cable, and a storage reel for this cable. You may need vertical lift systems to transport your drilling equipment to and from different workspaces. Conveyor systems for material handling are also common.

Oil Drilling Equipment Means Equipment for Moving Materials

Drilling for oil is a lucrative business. There is a lot of money to be made, but you need the right oil drilling equipment to get started. Without the right equipment, you won’t be able to extract the oil, nor will you be able to transport it.

Contact us today to learn how a customized lift system can help make your venture a success.

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