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4 Ways PFlow VRCs Minimize Safety Concerns

4 Ways PFlow VRCs Minimize Safety Concerns

When you’re looking to upgrade your business, consider installing vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs).

These lifts use machinery, such as hydraulics, to get materials from one point to another. This minimizes safety concerns in a number of ways.

Consider these four tips to learn as much as you can about why a PFlow vertical lift would be a great investment for your company.

#1: PFlow VRCs Are Made With High-Quality Materials

Before buying one of these VRCs, you’ll need to understand more about the materials and specifications.

In addition to a durable metal foundation and enclosure, these lifts can include an epoxy finish. These lifts are wired to precision. This helps to keep electrical problems to a minimum.

Additional options allow you to install these conveyors outdoors.

#2: They Have Tremendous Weight Capacity

When purchasing a lift, you’ll need to research the weight capacity of any conveyor you have your eye on.

PFlow models come in either mechanical or hydraulic lift models.

Lifts also come in a variety of weight capacities, with some holding weight capacities upwards of 100,000 pounds or more.

Make sure to post the weight capacity in plain sight. You’ll need to keep your conveyor up to code. This is important, so that you don’t overload it or deal with violations.

#3: VRCs Have Plenty Of Versatility And Enclosure Options

Vertical conveyors come in various stock models. However, you’ll also have the chance to add some important extras.

You’ll do away with safety concerns when you choose to install handrails, mats, safety cameras and other systems.

Any enclosures that you build will be up to codes and standards. They’re built with interlocking fixtures that also go above and beyond to keep people safe when using the lift.

Make sure the enclosures are built at least 8 feet high to maintain full safety standards.

#4: The Track Record Is Proven

Above all, you’ll know your lift is safe because PFlow has a stellar track record for making quality conveyor lifts. A PFlow VRC has lower safety risks than many alternatives, such as forklifts. It allows you to prioritize safety for workers while also increasing operating efficiency.

Whether you need a lift that handles pallets, transports garbage or allows workers to switch levels, you’ll get excellence from PFlow. These lifts are known to help warehouses and other industrial businesses to improve their safety measures.

Shop For A Lift

Take the time to shop through PFlow’s offerings to see which conveyors will serve your company.

These lifts give you the chance to maintain safety in your workplace while getting the service that’ll aid you. Take the time to contact us when you’re in the market for a VRC.

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