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Since 1977, PFlow has been solely devoted to the design and manufacturer of vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRC’s) material handling equipment, systems, and specials. As the VRC pioneer, PFlow has led the industry from the start.
6720 N. Teutonia Avenue Milwaukee, WI, 53209 USA


6720 N. Teutonia Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53209
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Milwaukee, WI – PFlow Anniversaries

5 years
Derek Haas | Product Support Specialist|03/12/12
29 years
Dan Walters | VP of Sales | 03/21/88
5 years
Zach Braun | Shipping Department|03/26/12
27 years
Charles Walker | Shop Supervisor | 03/12/90
 3 years
Allison Britton | Marketing Coordinator | 03/01/14
20 years
Kurt Ohlinger | Technical Specialist | 3/24/97
3 years
Andrea Sheffield | Receptionist | 03/01/14
20 years
Brent Bayer | Director of Sales Engineering | 03/26/97
3 years
John Daleke | Maintenance | 3/31/13
17 years
Frank Pleester | Paint Department | 3/20/00
2 years
Diana Kuemmerlein | Human Resources | 03/17/15
17 years
Jon Kumbera | Electrical Engineer | 03/20/00
2 years
Dan Hext | Director of Inside Sales | 3/27/14
16 years
Peter Schmidt | Product Support Specialist | 03/19/01
1 year
Mitch Cain | Service Manager | 03/11/16
11 years
Dennis Bolton | Saw Department | 03/06/06

Milwaukee, WI (August 3, 2016) – Professional Engineers Days!

Today is Professional Engineers Day! PE licensure is the engineering profession’s highest standard of competency. At PFlow we recognize Mark Rhyner, Mark Webster, and Chris Stoll for this achievement.


Milwaukee, WI (June 24, 2016) – Congratulations, Mike Reilly!

Mike graduated from The Management Association’s course “Principles of Leadership Excellence”. Mike will use the skills acquired to become a more effective leader. This includes better communication, managing performance and aligning individual goals with PFlow’s company strategy.

Milwaukee, WI (June, 2016) – June is National Safety Month!

At PFlow, we strive to provide a safe place to work. Our goal is to return all of our employee’s home at the end of the day in the same condition that they came to work in.
Our commitment to safety lives in our Safety Mission Statement:

“PFlow is dedicated to developing a safety culture in which employees care enough about each other and themselves to commit to conducting our business injury free.”

As part of our commitment to safety we recently conducted a Safety Slogan contest. Derek Schaller, one of our Cartveyor assemblers came up with the winning slogan of “PFlow Safety, Built to Last!” For his creativity and contribution he won a $100 gift certificate. Way to go Derek!

All employees are part of the Safety team! PFlow recognizes the following employees that go above and beyond as part of the Safety Committee: John Daleke (Maintenance), Angela Bertoni (Inside Sales), Diana Kuemmerlein (HR), Dave Butts (Engineering), John Evanow, Bob Nolin, Frank Pleester, Charles Walker and Jeff Wirt (Operations). The Safety Committee is directed by our President Ted Ruehl, VP of Operations Tom Sowinski, and VP of Sales Dan Walters.

Milwaukee, WI (June 3, 2016) – Van Alstyne Hired as Applications Engineering Manager

PFlow welcomes Randy Van Alstyne as the newest PFlow team member. Randy is devoted to becoming a product and application expert for standard products and options of the PFlow VRC lines. He will also develop and maintain the application engineering department documentation. “I am excited about the opportunity to use my industry experience to continue the development of tools used by the PFlow Application Engineering and Sales teams.”

Randy has over 30 years of design, application, and manufacturing engineering, quality assurance, and management experience with several Wisconsin manufacturers.

Randy earned a BSME from UW-Platteville and is married with five grown children. He currently lives in Menomonee Falls and enjoys playing softball, bike riding, swimming and DIY home projects.

Milwaukee, WI (May 18, 2016) – PFlow Takes Second at the Governor’s New Product Awards

The Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers (WSPE) hosted the annual “Governor’s New Product Awards & Ceremony” at MSOE’s Todd Wehr Conference Center. Products are judged by WSPE based on the benefits that come from research and engineering.

PFlow took second in the Medium Company category for the innovation of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST). Mark Webster and Mike Reilly accepted on PFlow’s behalf. Also representing PFlow at the awards banquet was Chris Stoll, Gene Barth and Mark Rhyner. Congratulations, team!

Milwaukee, WI (May 9, 2016) – Reske Hired as Electrical Engineer

PFlow welcomes David Reske as the newest member of the engineering team. David is devoted to producing the best quality product he can. “I look forward to putting my skills to use while learning and growing with PFlow.”

David has 16 years of engineering and electrical design experience in a manufacturing environment. He has worked on many unique products, RO water, Paper handling and binding to packaging, bottling, batching systems.

David has lived in Wisconsin his entire life. He is a Marine Corps veteran and served in the first gulf war. In his spare time he enjoys hunting, Indy car racing, traveling, dogs and cooking. As a single dad of two daughters that are competitive dancers, he enjoys traveling for their competitions.

Milwaukee, WI (May 2, 2016) – Blanke Hired as Mechanical Design Engineer

PFlow welcomes Brandon Blanke as the newest member of the engineering team. Brandon is devoted to developing quality custom products for PFlow. “I look forward to expanding my knowledge and experience as a Mechanical Engineer through learning about and working with PFlow’s VRC lifts.”

Brandon has three years of experience in machine design from QuadTech, with eight years of experience in data processing and technical support from Quad Graphics. Brandon is earning his BS in Engineering from MSOE at the end of May. In the fall he will be returning to MSOE for an MS in Engineering Management. Outside of school and work, Brandon practices photography (Blanke Photos via Facebook) and enjoys spending time with his wife and family.

Milwaukee, WI (April, 2016) – PFlow Service Department Changes

In our continuing efforts to provide the best possible customer service PFlow has restructured our customer service department.

The existing team has been reorganized into three distinct groups:

  • Technical Support
  • Field Operations
  • Parts

To facilitate this change going forward Mitch Cain has been added to the team as our new Service Manager. Mitch brings over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, engineering and field service. Mitch’s vision for the team moving forward includes:

  • Improve our processes and procedures to increase awareness, eliminate waste and improve response times.
  • Utilize existing data to better track, measure and report what we do.
  • Train personnel to increase their individual ability contribute to the team.
  • Improve Communications both internally and externally to foster a relationship built on trust and accountability.
  • Continue development of training initiatives, preventative maintenance programs and spare parts promotions to help our customers succeed.

In addition we have made some key changes to existing personnel:

  • Kevin Sprong has been named Field Operations Manager and will be responsible for scheduling all supervision, startup and service of PFlow equipment at customer sites. Kevin recently celebrated 20 years of service at PFlow and brings tremendous talent and insight to this new position.
  • Pat Hermann has been named Parts Manager and will oversee all aspects of our parts department. Pat is a proven professional with nearly ten years of service at PFlow. In his new role Pat will focus his talents on decreasing response times and improving performance on parts orders.

Milwaukee, WI (March 24, 2016) – Schmidt Takes on Installation Responsibilities
PFlow is excited to announce that Stephanie Schmidt is now responsible for coordinating installations and communication for national accounts and dealer installations. The purpose of this role is to simplify the process by streamlining communication internally and externally which will enhance our customer experience.