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Warehouse Design Plan

Keep Your Warehouse Flowing - and Business Growing

Your warehouse design plan is directly related to the success of your business. With an effective plan, your business operations will continue to grow.

It helps to consider the flow and accessibility when starting the process of planning your warehouse.

Warehouse flow is the uninterrupted movement of materials, employees and equipment within your space. Additionally, everything should be accessible in your warehouse in order to efficiently store and move materials while in production.

When designing or redesigning your warehouse, consider the following objectives for creating an efficient and safe space.

Visualize and Map Out Your Warehouse

First, visualize the design of the space. Keep in mind the flow and accessibility of your business’s specific operations to find the most efficient use of space. This should act as a kind of blueprint for your warehouse and will include every piece of storage and machinery that will be inside the space.

Information and Inventory Needs

Once a physical blueprint has been established, determine the specific needs of your business. Consider your business’s inventory to determine how much aisle space is needed, the size of machinery, and where materials should be stored. Understanding how your business operates will give you a better idea of its needs.

Implement and Test

It’s important to follow through on the implementation of your plan to efficiently carry out the needs of your warehouse. Sticking to the original design will ensure that all areas of the space have been considered and that no last-minute errors occur. Walk through the space to take in a visual understanding. This also helps to test the use of forklifts.

Post Implementation

After testing the layout of the warehouse you should ensure that inventory is stored correctly. Any errors that arise should be corrected as soon as possible. Regular checks should also be put in place to catch any issues before they become a problem for the efficiency of the warehouse. The flow and accessibility will only persist with consistent check-ins in all areas of operation.

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The machinery that powers your business is just as important as the warehouse design plan. Warehouse machinery plays a huge role in the flow and accessibility of the space. Without safe and reliable equipment like PFlow’s lifts and conveyors, you might not be reaching full potential.

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