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Understanding the Benefits of Using Scissor Lifts

Understanding the Benefits of Using Scissor Lifts

When it comes to handling material, using the right equipment can make a whole world of difference between efficiency and disaster. Vertical lifts are economical and versatile. Plus, they offer a unique range of functionalities over similar instruments.

Check out the benefits of scissor lifts, and why you should consider using one if you are active in any material handling market.

The Benefits of Scissor Lifts

Simply put, scissor lifts use a criss-cross foundation that expands to lift people up on a platform. They are a sub-type of aerial work platforms that can be used by a single operator. These lifts come in various sizes and shapes, but all share the same benefits.

While you can use other tools to the same effect, scissor lifts bestow certain benefits, as we’ll see below.

Access Heights and Spots That Are Hard to Reach

Since some lifts can go up to 32 feet in height, this is a tool that allows your workers to reach spots that would have otherwise been very hard to get to.

Obviously, height and carrying capacity go hand in hand with total weight. So, the heavier your lift, the higher the height to which it can extend and the more weight it can carry up with it.

Ease of Use

These lifts are particularly easy to operate. The controls are simple and literally foolproof, which decreases the tiredness of operators. This also means that operators can be trained in the use of this tool in a couple of days, so you can put it to use with minimal downtime.

Compact Size

A scissor lift is basically the most compact type of aerial work platform you will ever find. This is important when it comes to tight spaces, such as event spaces or tightly packed storehouses where height access is restricted by stacked crates.

Minimum Floor Space

While other aerial work platforms require a lot of floor space to operate, scissor lifts are among the most compact lifting equipment. The total area required is virtually equivalent to the area of the lift-able platform, making these lifts easy to store.

Easily Customizable

Depending on your business, you might have to customize your lift to fit your business needs. Scissor lifts are customizable. For example, you can fit yours with tilters to minimize falling risk for the operator. Or you can fit it with a turntable that allows it to rotate in addition to lifting the platform up.


Compared to all other alternatives, scissors are arguably the most economic and versatile solution. You can service an entire warehouse with a single vertical lift. Moreover, hydraulic lifts consume almost zero power, adding more to their efficiency.

Partnering With the Material Handling Industry Leader

It’s important to remember that scissor lifts aren’t the right answer for all industries, however. Scissor lifts are considered by some to be safety risks, and they simply aren’t suitable for some types of work.

If a scissor lift isn’t right for you, a different type of vertical lift is a great alternative. PFlow offers customized lift solutions on the world’s most dependable vertical lifts. We are proven experts in vertical lifts and a recognizable name in the vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) industry. All our lifts are designed with a host of safety features and undergo rigorous testing before getting to you.

Contact us to find the right lift for your company today!

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