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Tips to Improve Your Shipping Processes

Tips to Improve Your Shipping Processes

Speed Up Delivery and Minimize Damage

Customers expect their deliveries to be timely and accurate, therefore your shipping processes need to be on point. Modern companies like Amazon have made instant gratification the norm, and messing up a delivery is an easy way to lose a loyal customer.

There are, however, a few tips and tricks your company can implement to speed up delivery, minimize loss and damage, and keep your delivery system functioning smoothly.

Simplify Your Process

Many companies use countless apps and programs in their internal shipping processes. This complicated method can get messy quickly. Take some time to create a list that focuses on your shipping process. Reflect on what works well as well and what elongates the shipping process. If you’re up to the challenge, use this list to design a successful shipping solution from scratch, or find a better solution.

Communicate with Your Employees

Communication within the warehouse is essential if you want to get orders shipped out in a timely manner. Proper communication can help you manage your stock and also prevent cases of understaffing. If you have an influx of orders, have the right amount of warehouse staff to handle it. While some cases might require a telephone call or email, it is best to address issues in person whenever possible. Talking face to face prevents miscommunication and keeps your relationship with your employees strong.

Minimize Damage

Customers are unlikely to remain customers when they receive broken or damaged products. When you move products from one place to another, there is always a risk of damage. However, doubling up on the amount of plastic wrap you use to wrap pallets can help. After all, most in-transit damage is caused by products falling from a pallet during transport in the warehouse. Wrapping your products with more plastic wrap is a simple solution to prevent these accidents.

Accuracy is Everything

Retailers sometimes find they have received the wrong products when unpacking their products. Take more time to properly pack pallets at the warehouse and double check everything is as ordered. You should also take care to load delivery vehicles in the proper order. This eliminates confusion and ensures drivers are dropping off the right products in the right places. You may also want to place a copy of the order or invoice sheet inside the pallet racking so that drivers can double check information at a glance.

Keep Your Customers Informed

Keep your customers updated on when their delivery is due to arrive. Customers can track their delivery from anywhere using their phone, but if there are any unforeseen complications, be sure to let them know. Most of your customers will be understanding and appreciate that you took the time to inform them.

Shipping can be complicated and stressful, but by following these few tips, you can minimize accidents and damage and keep your customers happy.

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