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How to Prevent Common Warehouse Accidents

How to Prevent Common Warehouse Accidents

Identify Warehouse Hazards to Promote Safety

Warehouse accidents often arise from underlying issues with equipment and safety violations. By identifying these potential hazards in your warehouse you will be able to prevent accidents from happening in the future.

Consider the following common warehouse accident scenarios so you can take action and create a safe and efficient workplace for your employees.

Slip, Trip, and Falls

Slips and falls account for a large part of warehouse accidents but are also the most easily avoided. Eliminating debris, unnecessary steps, liquids, and dark areas will prevent a majority of slip and fall injuries in the warehouse.

Day-to-day operations often include many moving parts that can be distracting for employee’s work. The unnecessary clutter around the warehouse could be just enough to cause serious injury to an employee focusing on their duties. Remove extra boxes and debris and ensure spilled liquids are cleaned up as soon as possible to eliminate these common warehouse accidents.


Improper lifting and handling techniques by employees can lead to a costly injury in the warehouse. You should make sure all employees are taking care of their bodies and understand the correct lifting and handling techniques. Think of each employee as a piece of equipment that contributes to the operations of the warehouse.

When equipment is consistently being mishandled, the strain will break down the equipment faster than if it is being properly cared for and utilized. The same is true for warehouse employees that are lifting and handling materials every day. Improper techniques could result in long term damage.


Fires can be catastrophic to an entire warehouse, but they are also one of the most preventable accidents. Keeping all areas of the warehouse up to code is essential to fire prevention, and can eliminate the possibility of fires starting from faulty electrical or lighting.

In the event that a fire does break out, you should have functioning smoke detectors and a well-designed sprinkler system in place, as well as well-lit exits throughout the building.

Equipment Safety

Safe equipment is a key factor in the overall safety and efficiency of a warehouse and its employees. Without high-quality machinery, your warehouse operations could be suffering.

As the industry leader for more than 40 years, PFlow is committed to creating the safest and highest quality vertical lifts for your warehouse. Visit PFlow today to learn more about how our equipment could help minimize common warehouse accidents.

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