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Welcome from Ted Ruehl, PFlow Industries Chairman

In 1977 Bob Pfleger reached the end of an influential 20-year career in the dock business at Kelley Company. Bob started PFlow Industries with an idea that pioneered the way and created a new product called the inclined vertical conveyor.

The impact was immediate in the material handling industry and remains so to this day as people found more and more creative ways they could be used.

PFlow FoundersHe became well-known for his weekly newsletters that expounded about life in general, as much as they discussed business. Along the way, he developed a company philosophy that the employees are what mattered most.

After joining PFlow in its infancy in 1981, I had the privilege of working side-by-side with Bob and my father, fellow Kelley alum, Herb Ruehl.

I became president in early 2002 after Bob passed suddenly. It has been my privilege to guide PFlow Industries since that time. I can attest that PFlow continues its dedication to Bob’s vision with a strong employee ownership culture.

Today PFlow remains the leader in the vertical lift industry we created.

We have a staff of 120 knowledgeable employees at our 125,000 sq. ft. facility in Milwaukee.

In 2004, PFlow purchased the Kelley Company facility where Bob Pfleger and Herb Ruehl had worked for many years. It allowed us to expand production and efficiently produce lifts under one roof.

As we have continued to grow, it is worth noting that 60% of the employees on the payroll at that time in 2004 remain with our organization today. Our team is highly experienced and focused on keeping PFlow in its leadership role.

Since our inception, PFlow has worked at building a talented network of dealers, resellers, and installers. Without them, it would not be possible to provide the local support that has proven necessary in meeting the needs of end users all over the globe.

PFlow’s strength is the dedication of our employees and our dealers. It is why we have sold 19,500 lifts world-wide and remain the best choice in the vertical lift business.

At PFlow we welcome the opportunity to develop creative customized lift solutions to many types of material handling problems.

PFlow lifts are designed with a variety of safety features and are subjected to more rigorous testing than any other manufacturer’s equipment. We continuously emphasize that safety is our top priority.

I take great pride in our history. We created an Industry. We will continue to be at the forefront of that Industry. Our commitment to provide safe superior products for our customers will never change.


Ted Ruehl, Chairman of the Board