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3 Helpful Facts You Should Know About Material Lifts

3 Helpful Facts You Should Know About Material Lifts

In your workplace role, do you oversee the movement and transfer of heavy equipment or materials? If so, you’re undoubtedly familiar with material lifts.

These material handling machines are designed to perform a bevy of jobs and are available in myriad sizes and scales depending on your need. Making use of them isn’t just a smart business decision. It’s also a wise move to ensure your team’s health and safety.

Trying to lift an excessive amount of weight on your own could result in a fall or injury. At the very least, it could pull out your back.

Today, we’re discussing three key facts you should know about material lifts before investing in one.

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1. Material Lifts Are Multi-Purpose

vehicle lift for funeral carsThink lifts are only meant for heavy-duty, industrial moving? Think again!

From churches and theaters to offshore oil platforms, there are many spaces where manpower just won’t cut it. In these situations, it’s best to go with a lift.

Thus, whether you are installing ceiling panels in a new office space or moving vehicles between floors of an auto dealership, there’s a lift for that.

Some of the most common types of lifts include:

2. Safety Features Are Built In

Making the decision to use a material lift is your first safety move. Now, you’ve got to make sure the goods are securely transferred to where you need them to go.

With so much weight out of your control, you may be concerned about the machine’s ability to safely handle it, but you shouldn’t be.

Most material lifts include built-in safety features, such as lights, to help guide the load. You can also adjust the forks (or platform, depending on your model) to fit as tightly as possible for added security.

The best lifts include integrated safety cameras, which will proactively prevent the carriage from descending if a chain failure occurs. Some even come equipped with interlocked gates, chain tension protection, and enclosure guards.

This smart technology can make all the difference in protecting your workers.

3. They’re Easily Customizable

Because the equipment is so versatile, most lift manufacturers will offer optional add-ons to fit specific applications, allowing you to tailor your lift to fit your operating environment.

For example, if you’re working in a classified environment, you may opt to have your lift created with explosion-proof materials. Or, if you plan to use your lift outside and expose it to daily wash-downs, an epoxy or galvanized finish will keep it protected for longer.

You can also opt for even stronger security features to ensure load stability at all upper levels.

When selecting a manufacturer, check to see if options like these are available. Material lifts aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and a reputable provider will ensure yours fits the job.

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