Series DB Lift
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Package Handling Lifts - Series DB

Fast, safe and automated for small loads and packages.

  • Lifts loads up to 100 lbs.
  • Carriage size is 3’ x 3’.
  • Travel speeds from 60 FPM up to 600 FPM.
  • Perfect for use in an automated conveyorized systems.
  • Available with variable frequency or Servo drive packages.
  • Drive packages ensure smooth acceleration and deceleration control in high-speed, automated systems.
  • Provides high throughput of loads.
  • Ideal for high-speed applications that require light-duty lifting of boxes, cartons, packages, totes, containers or cases.
  • Moves loads between conveyor levels. 
  • Loading and unloading from three sides.
  • Completely self-contained, self-supporting and economical. 
  • The smooth and quiet counter-weighted lifting mechanism minimizes horse-power requirements and saves energy costs.
  • Durable, high-quality construction ensures safe, reliable, long-term performance. 
  • Saves space and handles loads that are often transported on an inclined conveyor.

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