Sereis DB Package Handling Lifts

Package Handling Lifts - Series DB

DB Lift Provides Fast, Safe Lifting Of Small Loads And Packages. Features Counterweighted Lifting Mechanism For Smooth, Quiet Operation.

Ideal for high-speed applications that require light-duty lifting of boxes, cartons, packages, totes, containers or cases.

Provides throughput of four loads per minute (based on 100 lb. load, 10' vertical rise, 90 to 120 fpm horizontal conveying speed.)

Counterweighted lifting mechanism requires minimal maintenance. Lifting belt never needs lubricating.

Perfect for use in an automated system.

Saves space and handles loads that are often transported on an inclined conveyor.

Completely self-contained, self-supporting and economical. Moves loads to mezzanines, between floors or between conveyor levels.

Lifts up to 100 lb. live loads with carriage sizes up to 3' x 4'. Vertical rise to 50'. Travel speeds from 60 fpm to 400 fpm.

Counterweighted design minimizes horsepower requirements, saves energy costs.

Optional variable frequency drive package ensures smooth acceleration and deceleration control in high-speed, automated systems.

Allows loading and unloading from three sides.

Durable, high-quality construction ensures safe, reliable, long-term performance. Standard full-height safety enclosure protects workers and materials.

Meets ASME B20.1 code.

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