Bob Pfleger and Herb Ruehl

PFlow founder Bob Pfleger (left) with Herb Ruehl atop the Huffy plant in downtown Milwaukee where one of PFlow's first VRCs was being installed.


Since 1977, PFlow has been devoted to the design and manufacture of safe and reliable vertical material handling equipment. We were instrumental in creating the vertical conveyor market and have led the industry from the start.

We’ve developed a leadership culture that provides a superior level of experience, engineering innovation, and customer support. From simple, two-level VRCs to multi-level, multi-directional automated lifting systems, PFlow will provide a solution.

"Before we could build a business, we had to create an industry".
Bob Pfleger, PFlow Founder

We were first to offer:

  • Custom, safe, efficient Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors
  • Automated VRC systems
  • Mechanically driven unit employing lift chains
  • Four-post design for added capacity and size
  • Patented LevelDeck carriage leveling system
  • Patented DeckLock safety system
  • Guaranteed code approval

We were the FIRST manufacturer to:

  • Sit on the ASME B20.1 Standards Committee
  • Have continuous active R&D and testing programs

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