PFlow Industries, Inc.
Since 1977, PFlow has been solely devoted to the design and manufacturer of vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRC’s) material handling equipment, systems, and specials. As the VRC pioneer, PFlow has led the industry from the start.
6720 N. Teutonia Avenue Milwaukee, WI, 53209 USA


6720 North Teutonia Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53209
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Scissor Lift vs VRC: 4 Things You Need to Know

While using the proper equipment can make work easier and more efficient, the wrong equipment can be troublesome, or even dangerous. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) accidents with workplace equipment are one of the leading causes...

The 5 Basic Steps of Lift Installation

Does your business revolve around moving heavy goods between floor levels? Installing a vertical conveyancing system could help to increase productivity. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, back injuries make up 20% of work-related injuries. If you want to...

Lifts vs. Elevators

As was said by our legendary founder, Bob Pfleger: “Before we could build a business, we had to create an industry.” In 1981, PFlow Industries replaced our innovative inclined reciprocating conveyor with the new vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC), creating a new...

Case Study: Rochester Drug Cooperative

There is no better presentation of the efficiency and safety offered by PFlow vertical reciprocating conveyors than an actual case study of a real business getting results due to increased productivity and safety in their facility. In 2016, Rochester Drug Cooperative...