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PFlow Hydraulically Powers the Upward Expansion at Alcom Electronicos Reynosa Facility

Electrical Component Material Hydraulic Lift - PFlow

Hydraulic Lifts Allow Production to Flow Over Two Levels

Two 21 Series hydraulic lifts from PFlow allow production to flow efficiently despite the addition of the second level. Installed at opposite ends of the mezzanine, the lifts move electrical components and parts between various stages of assembly, packaging, and shipping.

Each lift has carriage dimensions of 7’-2” wide x 8’ long, with an 8’ vertical clearance. They have the capacity to move loads of 2,500 lbs, 24 FPM over the 16’-6” travel distance between the ground and mezzanine. The lifts are more than sufficient for current needs, with enough excess capacity to allow a significant increase in the number of loads as the business continues to grow.

The carriage is lifted and lowered by two hydraulic cylinders, mounted on the guide columns that straddle the carriage. The hydraulic technology provides cost-effective durability, allowing the lifts to operate continuously 16 hours per day, with installation costs and maintenance needs less than other lifting technologies.

Johnson Equipment Provides Local Project Management

As the design for the expansion came together Grupo Rio San Juan contacted PFlow for input on the most appropriate lifting technology for the job. As discussions progressed PFlow brought in Johnson Equipment Company, a trusted PFlow dealer with locations in Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Mexico.

“We partnered with Johnson Equipment because the timeframe was tight, and we knew they had the ability to get the job done quickly and correctly,” said Eduardo Kuhn, the PFlow territory manager in Mexico. “They are well connected in Mexico, and it was good to have them onsite to manage the project through the development and installation stages.”

The turnaround was very quick. The initial order, drawing approvals, manufacturing, shipping, customs clearance and installation all occurred between February and June 2014.

Said Marco Dávila, the Johnson Equipment sales manager for Mexico, “We are very familiar with the PFlow product line, so we took the project lead on the local level. We worked with PFlow to get the specs just right, expedite the process, and integrate several custom features that were requested.”

“Diagonal drop bar gates were installed rather than full carriage gates on the first level, to cut costs and provide quicker access for loading and unloading. And due to the unusually clean and quiet Alcom production environment, acoustic rubber landing mats were placed on the ground floor to reduce noise as the carriage reaches the bottom position.”

Hydraulic lifts are ideal for applications with lift loads up to 6,000 lbs, carriage sizes to 10’ x 10’, and vertical rises to 22’. Features such as velocity fuses to prevent uncontrolled carriage descent in the unlikely event of a total hydraulic hose rupture make them extremely safe. PFlow 21 Series lifts also include torsion bars that link the two hydraulic cylinders, equalizing the load and ensuring the carriage remains level at all times.

Col del Nte, Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico

When business picks up after a significant period of stress in the economy, companies are careful not to overcommit capital expenditures. Plans are usually formulated to maximize efficiency and utilization of existing assets.

Alcom Electronicos de Mexico manufactures electrical components for the automotive industry in their Reynosa, Mexico facility. The products are distributed in the United States, Canada, Asia, South America and Europe.

The dramatic improvement in the automotive market over the last few years brought increased production demands that Alcom was challenged to meet in their existing 236,800 sq ft facility. Manufacturing and storage space was insufficient, and the 3,000 employees were already spread over two production shifts.

To increase production space Alcom contracted with Grupo Rio San Juan to design and build a major expansion of the Reynosa facility. The design included the requisite expansion of the building footprint. To most efficiently utilize the existing and expanded space, the project included a large second floor mezzanine.

The construction started in July 2013 and was completed in June 2014. The expansion increased the facility to 409,725 sq ft, an increase of almost 75%.

Coupled with increasing the workforce to 3,650, Alcom now has the space to more easily handle the growing production demand.

We are very familiar with the PFlow product line, so we took the project lead on the local level. We worked with PFlow to get the specs just right, expedite the process, and integrate several custom features that were requested.

Marco Dávila

Mexico Sales Manager, Johnson Equipment

Lowered Hydraulic Manufacturing Lift - PFlow
Guide Columns and View From Lift Shaft - PFlow