PFlow Industries, Inc.
Since 1977, PFlow has been solely devoted to the design and manufacturer of vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRC’s) material handling equipment, systems, and specials. As the VRC pioneer, PFlow has led the industry from the start.
6720 N. Teutonia Avenue Milwaukee, WI, 53209 USA
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All accessible sides of the unit not used for loading or unloading must be protected by enclosures a minimum of 8’ high and capable of rejecting a ball 2” in diameter at each level. If lift service is to the edge of a mezzanine or balcony, only minimal enclosures are required because the equipment is guarded by location.


  • PFlow enclosures are code-approved.
  • Enclosure panels are made of 1/2″ flattened expanded metal.
  • Standard panels are 6” to 5’ wide.
  • Panels are painted PFlow blue or custom paint colors available on request.
  • All mounting hardware is included.
  • Non-standard sizes, custom finishes and galvanized panels available on request.
  • Any combination of shaftways, walls or permanent enclosures that provide equivalent protection is acceptable.
Material Lift Enclosure

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