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Case Study: Rochester Drug Cooperative

Case Study: Rochester Drug Cooperative

There is no better presentation of the efficiency and safety offered by PFlow vertical reciprocating conveyors than a case study of a real business’s increased productivity and safety in their facility. In 2016, Rochester Drug Cooperative installed a 21 Series Hydraulic Vertical Lift, and the results speak for themselves.

vertical lift at pharmaceutical distributorThere were two main reasons for the company to choose a vertical conveyor rather than using forklifts to hoist pallets to the mezzanine. “It was really a necessity to be safer and to save time,” says Gary Ritzmann, RDC’s project manager for the new facility. “The mezzanine is almost 14 feet high, so using a forklift is precarious at best, and we are trying to keep motorized vehicles away from all order processing equipment.”

After having a positive experience with a PFlow VRC at the company’s New York facility, Ritzmann says installing one in their New Jersey facility was an easy decision.

The conveyor raises pallets of empty totes and consumable materials from floor level to a 10,000-square-foot concrete mezzanine that is situated 13 feet, six inches above.

The mezzanine was added to the facility when Rochester Drug moved in a year ago, and it houses many of the automated picking functions within the new Fairfield distribution center.

RDC is the nation’s seventh-largest pharmaceutical wholesaler, serving pharmacies and related stores in the Northeastern U.S. With an eight-foot-wide platform, two full pallets of totes or consumables weighing up to 3,000 pounds can be placed on it at a time.

The platform then travels at 24 feet per minute. It takes about 30 seconds to reach the mezzanine, where a pallet jack unloads the pallets.

Since its installation, the PFlow hydraulic vertical lift has worked flawlessly to keep the mezzanine stocked with totes and consumables. “So much so that it is never really thought of,” says Ritzmann. “It needs no special attention, no repairs so far—it just keeps working every day, in the background, just working.”
With its exemplary performance, safety, and reliability, the 21 Series has transformed RDC’s operations. With rave reviews like this, it’s easy to see what a PFlow Industries VRC could do for your business.

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