Parts and Service

PFlow parts and products are always evolving to match our growth and better serve our customers. Therefore, parts are updated and it may be necessary to order new components.

Please contact us to guarantee you have our current information and parts catalog. For additional support, please contact one of our knowledgeable representatives.

Push Button Station with E-Stop


Beth King

Parts Sales/Support
414-247-9830 Direct

Peter Schmidt

Parts Sales/Support
414-247-9828 Direct

Dan Roth

Product Support Specialist
414-352-9000 x138

Brian Davis

Special Projects Coordinator
414-247-9829 Direct


Pat Herrmann

Product Support Manager
414-745-5813 Cell

Aaron Pierringer

Parts Support Supervisor

Request for Parts


Technical Support

Jay Winston

Senior Technical Advisor

Jeff Bittner

Technical Support
414-247-9840 Direct

Field Techs

Fred Freeman

414-352-9000 x106
414-322-3253 Cell

Kevin Sprong

414-807-0336 Cell

Kevin Vale

414-352-9000 x181
414-915-3732 Cell

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