Carriage 60’ x 20’; 200,000 lbs capacity. Grade lift elevates section of driveway and vehicle for underground storage.

Vehicle Lifts

Most people want their vehicles to hug the road. In some very special cases, people want their vehicles to go off road, onto a lift and then upwards and/or downwards.

Special applications for lifting vehicles of all sizes are becoming commonplace for PFlow’s engineers. We have customized and manufactured Vehicle Lifts that are installed in robotic parking garages, funeral homes, motorcycle dealerships, lake homes, townhouses and more.

If you are involved with a difficult or unusual vertical lifting application that involves a vehicle of any sort, call PFlow.


  • Vehicle Display System: Vehicles are raised or lowered on individual lift platforms inside a towering outdoor showcase.
  • Single Vehicle: Race car is brought up through-floor to staging area from lower level loading area.
  • Robotic Parking Garage: Send and retrieve automobiles at 400 SF per minute. High-speed VRC lift, with special rack retrieval system for high-density structure.
  • Funeral Home: Store and access fleet of hearses from basement. Special, full garage floor-size 4 Post VRC allowing vehicle vertical movement.
  • Motorcycle Dealership: Bikes are transported to five levels of towering outdoor showcase by Series M Lift.

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