8’ High Standard Enclosures

PFlow Enclosure Panel


Quality, code-approved enclosures provide maximum safety protection for VRC installations. 

  • All accessible sides of the unit not used for loading or unloading must be protected by enclosures a minimum of 8’ high and capable of rejecting a ball 2” in diameter at each level.
  • If lift service is to the edge of a mezzanine or balcony, only minimal enclosure is required because the equipment is guarded by location.
  • Enclosure panels are made of 8’ high, expanded metal.
  • Standard panels are 6” to 5‘ wide and painted to match the lift.
  • All mounting hardware is included.
  • Non-standard sizes, custom finishes and galvanized panels available on request. 
  • Protect’s workers from exposure to moving machinery.
  • Any combination of shaftways, walls or permanent enclosures that provide equivalent protection is acceptable.
  • Fire doors, acoustic doors, finish doors, etc., are acceptable if they are provided with appropriate interlocks.

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