High capacity DeckLocks automatically extend to prevent uncontrolled descent at critical upper levels.

DeckLock System

PFlow’s Patented DeckLock System for vertical reciprocating conveyors locks in safety at every level.

Increases safety during loading/unloading of vertical lifts and protects against misuse.

Locks automatically extend to prevent carriage free fall at critical upper levels.

Protects workers, materials and machines by eliminating potential accidents caused by carriage drop.

Offers added assurance for safe loading and unloading with a forklift.

Ensures that pallet jacks and hand trucks can load/unload smoothly, easily and safely.

Prevents uncontrolled descent in the case of overload condition during loading/unloading operations.

Simple and reliable. Pneumatic or mechanical operation available. Exclusive safety system available only on PFlow Vertical Lifts.

PFlow Vertical Lifts are built with a substantial safety factor, but inadvertent overload can result in dangerous unintentional carriage descent. Mechanical Vertical Lifts depend upon spring-set brakes to maintain the carriage position. These brakes are sized to provide a minimum of 150% of maximum load capacity; however, wear and lack of brake maintenance can reduce that capacity. Overload of the carriage can cause brake slippage.

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