Series DB Lift with Timing Belt

Package Handling Lifts - Series DB Specifications


PFlow Series DB Vertical Lifts move materials between two or more levels. Principal components are guide columns, carriage and mechanical actuating mechanism. All components are pre-assembled for ease of installation.


PFlow Series DB Vertical Lifts are available with: Live load lifting capacities to 100 lbs. Carriage sizes to 36" x 48". Vertical rise to 50'. Standard travel speed is 60 fpm. Travel speeds up to 400 fpm are available with variable frequency drive package.


Frame is designed to be self-supporting and constructed of structural tube and steel. Carriage is typically supplied with powered roller conveyor deck. Carriage is cantilever style and may be loaded from any one of three operating sides depending on application.


Carriage is lifted and lowered by timing belt attached to an electric motor-reducer assembly mounted on the frame. Power unit employs a 1/2 HP TEFC brake motor mounted to the top of lift frame.


Standard power requirements are 230V/460V, 3-phase. Single phase is available upon request. Control voltage is 110V. Control panel and push button station are NEMA 12. Control panel is designed to be mounted to the back of the frame, and all control devices are pre-wired at the factory. A variety of control options are available from basic interface to PLC automated controls.


Upward and downward travel of the carriage is controlled by a limit switch. When the switch is tripped, the motor shuts off and the brake is engaged. Overload and carriage overtravel protection is provided.


Standard units include full-height enclosures on all sides made of 1/2" expanded metal. Optional expanded metal and sheet metal side guards are available for carriage.

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