Paper Distribution System


Applications - Paper Distribution Facility

Georgia Pacific | Palatka, Florida

Georgia Pacific in Northern Florida expanded operations at its Palatka manufacturing and distribution facility due to substantial growth. This increased logistical problems in moving finished product from the upper-level manufacturing area to the lower-level shipping area.

Georgia Pacific developed a concept and contacted PFlow for assistance in implementing the solution. A PFlow Series M Lift with infeed and discharge conveyors was introduced as the solution.

The lift has a 3,000 lbs capacity and a 7’ x 6’ carriage to handle double-stacked boxes of product. Once the loads are placed on the upper-level conveyor, they are moved onto the lift, transported down to the lower level and out. The loads then make a 90° turn and go through a shrink-wrapping machine. This system doubles the capacity to move product from the manufacturing level.

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