Fully Automated Systems

PFlow fully automated systems provide an efficient, reliable way to transport materials in an automated manufacturing or warehousing operation.

PFlow Automated Systems are custom designed to fit your exact application needs. PFlow systems range from simple two-level applications to sophisticated multi-level, multi-directional systems. PFlow Automated Systems provide both vertical and horizontal conveying means.

  • Load capacities up to 15,000 lbs.
  • Standard carriage sizes to 10' x 12'.
  • Flexible loading/unloading patterns.
  • Wide range of possible configurations.
  • Hazardous or corrosive environments.
  • PLC-based controls.

Horizontal conveyors specified for load type, weight, size and throughput requirements. Special options included as required: Mode reversal, queuing of loads, full-queue signals, warning signals, door operators, condition lights, load stops, self-diagnostics. Tilt-deck, roll-handling and cart-handling systems are available. PFlow offers single-source responsibility for system design, installation, start-up, training and debugging by factory-trained technicians.


  • Paper Plant: High-speed transfer of 9,000 lbs rolls of paper in automated system. 4-Post VRC with V shaped carriage to catch rolls of paper. 30 rolls/hour, 24hours/day.
  • Truck Frame Manufacturer: Power-and-free overhead conveyor system is integral part of assembly line and incorporates a transfer device.
  • Brake Casting Foundry: 30,000 lbs capacity. Moving 24,000 lbs buckets of scrap metal. 4 Post VRC with horizontal discharge running every 6 minutes, 16 hours/day.
  • Automotive Parts Manufacturer: Automatically moves large parts racks through production. Conveyorized, 8,000 lbs high-speed cantilever lift.
  • University Library Archive: 75’ long automated conveyor under buildings to distribution center. Incorporates 2 VRC’s with 75’ roller conveyor.
  • Grocery Distributor: Dual, side-by-side automated systems provide continuous two way flow of pallets between shopping dock and second floor warehouse.
  • Paper Distribution Facility: Series M with infeed and discharge conveyors handles double-stacked boxes of products.
  • Vitamin Manufacturer: Series M Mechanical Lift is integrated into a roller-fed conveyor at multiple levels to transport pallets.

    Fully Automated System

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