Fully Automated System with Conveyor Belt

PFlow PFact

Automated conveying systems that involve a VRC component differ dramatically from horizontal systems. The success of this type of system depends largely on the designer's experience.

PFlow has 38+ years experience designing fully automated systems.

Fully Automated Systems

Efficient, reliable way to transport materials in an automated manufacturing or warehousing operation.

  • Custom designed to fit your exact application needs.
  • Systems typically include Series M, Series F or Series DB Lift models.
  • Load capacities up to 15,000 lbs or more.
  • Standard carriage size up to 15’x15’ or more.
  • Vertical travel to 200’.
  • Custom speeds to match thru-put.
  • Simple two-level applications or sophisticated multi-level systems.
  • Multi-directional systems provide both vertical and horizontal conveying means with flexible loading/unloading patterns.
  • Horizontal conveyors specified for load type, weight, size and throughput requirements.
  • Tilt-deck, roll-handling and cart-handling systems are available.


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