194' Lift Distance

Manufacturing Plant Replaces 10-ton, 200' Hoist with PFlow Lift

A PFlow lift was installed at a 13-story boiler building at a manufacturing facility in Oklahoma. The lift replaces a 10 ton hoist mounted at the top floor of the building providing a safer lifting alternative, and easier loading and unloading at each floor.

The building is used to produce power and steam to run the plant, and the loads of the lift must carry a range of general supplies from 6,500 lb motors, large fans and a 7.5' long tool box. After reviewing the specs and requirements of the job, the M Series cantilever with an 8,000 lb load capacity and a 9' x 5' carriage was specified.

The M Series is unique because of the number of floors that it services, and the 194' distance that it spans from the bottom floor to the top. At each floor there is an expanded metal enclosure, interlocked so it cannot be opened when the lift carriage is not at that floor. The carriage has an open top so taller loads can be carried without a vertical barrier. Like all VRCs, no human passengers ride on the lift and all controls are outside the carriage.

The M Series provides far easier load access and transport than the original hoist, allowing a load to actually rest on the carriage at each floor during loading and unloading. The access gate is on one of the wide sides allowing for easy handling of loads of the widest dimensions.

The rest position for the lift is on the second floor, allowing a drive-through area on the bottom floor to be kept clear for traffic. The lift still can access the ground floor as needed.

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